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The spirit of darkness blinds Americans from seeing the true Light

On September 2, 2011 · 43 Comments
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I hope you do realize that just changing the President in this country is not going to change the direction of this country for the better in any significant way. Political leaders of democratic republics pretty much reflects the inclination of the people that they represent. The latest presidents that we elected in America are just the symptom of the spiritual darkness that is engulfing most of the nation.

There has been increasing spiritual darkness in America for quite some time; this darkness can also be called the spirit of antichrist. I am not saying that the majority in this country now embrace the spirit of antichrist but this spirit of darkness is definitely taking over our land.

America is being dominated by Satanic black lights that are shining, humanism, Marxism, multiculturalism, revisionism, relativism,  evolutionism, uniformitarianism, religious pluralism, dominionism, idealism, collectivism, radical environmentalism, spiritualism, Islam, political correctness, tolerance, rebellion, greed, covetousness, laziness, class warfare, etc.

Even the spiritual lights of God in this nation are often being extinguished because they allow themselves to become draped in the black garments of neo-Gnostic mysticism, lack of Biblical knowledge, Christian reconstructionism, collective global transformation and the need to be politically correct.

The spirit of antichrist has taken over government, public education, most media, most large corporations, and most religions including quite a bit of our institutions that call themselves Christian. Through these conveyers of black light the people of this nation are constantly being bombarded with antichrist doctrine.

Antichrist doctrine has become the politically correct norm and those that oppose this spirit of darkness in public are marginalized and ostracized and they risk losing job, church, friends and even their freedom. If that is not yet true where you are now, you can be sure it will increasingly be true in the future.

The humanistic postmodern “enlightened age” they claim, just shows us that the spirit of darkness is not being hindered much in America. How much true Christians in America can do to change a nation that loves darkness is open to debate but there are no examples of any change toward God, without a revival coming via the Holy Spirit.

That could happen, but it will have to start by a move of the Spirit. Even so, will the Holy Spirit continually strive with people that were told the truth over and over again but deliberately reject Him for the spirit of antichrist?

Some quoting 2 Ch 2:14 think fasting and prayer by Christians will move God to heal our land but they are wrong. In spite of the Christian hype you hear on TV and from those into Charismatic mysticism, God is not talking to Christians in 2 Ch 2:14. God is actually reminding Israel of her covenant of blessings and curses with Him under the Mosaic Law.

Israel was living under a curse because of their digressions from the Law and God in Second Chronicles was telling Israel how they can get back under His blessings. The whole nation of Israel had to humble themselves and pray and then God would hear and heal their land. The land was the land of Israel and national repentance of the people of Israel was required.

The majority that live in America are not God’s people. The true Christians in this nation do not get cursed. This nation is not even our home (more on 2 Ch 2:14 if you’re still not convinced).

Our prayers do not save unbelievers either; God does. Mormons believe their own actions can even save dead unbelievers. That is not Christian doctrine. God never forces Himself on those that have rejected Him. People are converted to Christ only when they hear and believe and receive.  Only those the Father created for His Son will hear, believe and receive. They can only hear if the Holy Spirit draws them. It is none of our doing.

Jesus in Mt 9:38 and Luke 10:3  told us to pray to the Lord that He sends forth laborers into His harvest.  The passage implies that We pray to Jesus and He sends forth the laborers. Immediately after that statement in both gospels we see that Jesus then sends his disciples out to the House of Israel but notice the people that they go to must received them and the message they deliver or else they are condemned. There also was not multiple deliverances of the message to the same people suggested in these passages. If the message was rejected they shook the dirt off their feet. My point is that God expects us to receive the message when it is heard but that does not mean everyone will hear the message every time it is taught if it was not taught clearly.

I think then, in the same vein, Christians are to go out to the harvest fields of the world and we are to pray to the Lord thatHe sends forth laborers to bring in His harvest but it is up to the nations and people to hear and believe. We believers cannot pray down a revival on a nation that rejects Christ and loves darkness.

Granted, the gospel message today has been so muddled by man made doctrine that many people are not really hearing the Gospel in a lot of outreaches and venues coming from within Christendom. This is why some have to hear the gospel over and over before they are saved. On the other hand, many people that never heard about Western Christianity at all will receive the Gospel the very day it is told to them, when it is told to them, in a clear simple way that explains the Lord’s work at the cross.

Today we clothe the gospel in social works and denominational doctrines and mystical presumptions and that is why the response is not near what it was in the early missionary movement, at least not in advanced countries. Often if there is a response, it usually came from emotionalism and peer pressure rather than a changed heart toward God. So they come forward and confess a few words that they never really understood and then we wonder why they do it over and over again.

Good cons can get the same type of mass response selling schemes and lies, after all, almost half the world believes the religion of Al Gore. The problem is that these people never understood the real Gospel. In other words, they never really understood what Jesus did, they were taught a ritual of religion to follow rather than actually having the knowledge of the Gospel of good news within their heart.

Christians parents often try to make their children accept Jesus before their brain is even able to comprehend the whole salvation concept and then they wonder why they fall away from the faith when they become adults. The children were only doing what you or others expected of them. Many did not reason it out for themselves. Many did not reject the evil one of the world and accept the Son sent from God. Many did not willfully choose to accept the Lord that took their own sin on Himself for forgiveness of their sin bringing new spiritual life that is enmity to the ways of the world and the Devil. They just did what their parent, pastor or mentor told them.

Children are covered by a believing parent until their brain reaches the point were it can discern good from evil. So let that natural process happen. Don’t give your kids the false delusion that they were saved just because they said some words or got dunked when they really did not have the mental ability to even make a clear choice between accepting good (Jesus) and rejecting evil (Satan). There is something to be said for those denominations that have confirmations of faith later in life but unfortunately even these confirmations have become a ritual and many making such confirmations still do not believe.

To believe that Christian prayer gets people to hear and believe in Christ is really making the Church the mediator between God and man but 1 Ti 2:5 tells us that Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. That means that those given to Jesus will be saved and we are just the laborers the Lord of Harvest sends to the fields to brings in the wheat. Mary, the Church Saints, nor any of us have the power to get people converted. That is a work of the Holy Spirit.

The Great Commission to the Church was to teach the good news of the Lord’s death and resurrection for the sins of the world so all that hear and believe will be saved. Our job is not to try to make tares become wheat. Contrary to what some imply we are to give the gospel message as often as we can to the world because that is our main commission from the Lord. Even so, we cannot save and heal this nation by our own prayers and repentance. People that believe Christian dominionism before the return of Christ preach that nonsense but it does not come from any correct exegesis of the scriptures or a knowledge of Eschatology.

Much of Christendom that should be the lights to the world now really need to be preached to by others in Christendom because many in the Christian churches never heard a clear gospel that led to their true salvation. That becomes evident by the general lack of works of the Spirit within Christendom. It seems in many Christian venues and teaching the true message of salvation in Jesus alone gets lost in all their denominational doctrine, church mandates, pop messages, and political correctness.

No matter what you think of my views, if I can get some in Christendom that read my articles to just do two things, everything I try to do here on my blog will be well worthwhile. Those two things are to find out how one is really saved and then read God’s message and His instructions for you after you have been saved, by reading His scriptures. The Bible was given to the Church so that we can live a more abundant Christian life for Jesus while on earth.

Read the 66 books of the Bible from cover to cover at least once in your life and you will be ahead of 90 percent of others that call themselves Christians. At least when someone comes with a new wind of doctrine, you might know that it did not come from the Bible. Like I have often said, I cannot quote everything in the Bible but I certainly know if someone is telling me a teaching that is contrary to what is taught in the Bible.

It seems that in America, it is not even politically correct in many “Christian” churches to talk about man’s sin and his need for repentance and accepting the free gift of Salvation that comes by accepting God’s only Savior into your life. The Spirit of darkness is often inspiring the messages that comes from “Christian” pulpits and teachers. It is a “Christian” message in garments of satanic psychologies, mysticism, selective of passages out of correct context, spiritualizing, rationalizations, etc.,

The only hope for our nation is if these messages of darkness that are coming upon the people and enslaving the people to embrace sin and death gets trumped by those giving the message from God that sets men free and gives eternal life. If a nation of people is entrapped in darkness, the main thing the children of light can do is to turn on their lights. Only light dispels the darkness anywhere and everywhere. But, while shining your light for others, keep in mind that you’re only a tool of God. Thinking that you have become the power house is a presumption that you will not be able to deliver.

In summary: Things are not going to get better in this nation as long as the spirit of antichrist and darkness prevails over our people. Unless the people of this nation hear and believe and convert to true Christianity and then turn on their own lights and expel the darkness encroaching everywhere in our society, the future of America is dark. The idea that American Christians can get this nation healed by doctrines of false presumption are just not going to do the job. We need a revival and that could happen If enough believers prayed to the Lord of Harvest that He send laborers to His fields. After that, we seal our own fate and America’s fate by either accepting or rejecting God’s message. Our President has little to do with the fate of America. The fate of our nation is in the hands of God and the response that people make to the Light that is given to them.



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