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The United Nations Relief & Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said that unemployment figures for the second half of 2010 were an improvement over the corresponding figures form 2009.
Vietnam’s navy has conducted live-fire artillery drills following increased tensions with China over control in the South China Sea. The naval exercises began near an unoccupied island 40 kilometers from Vietnam’s central coast.
Yemen's vice president and parliamentary opposition members have struck a deal to try to ease their political crisis, as young protesters pushed for a transitional ruling council within 24 hours.
Khartoum has agreed to withdraw its troops from the disputed Abyei region, a southern minister said, as northern and southern Sudanese leaders continued to hash out sticking points into the night.
Police in southern China are struggling to contain riots by hundreds of migrant workers over several days in a city near Guangzhou after a young pregnant street hawker was harassed by security guards.
The director of the CIA has confronted Pakistani intelligence officials with what the US believes is evidence of collusion between Pakistani security officials and militants staging attacks in Afghanistan.
One of the masterminds of the 1998 US embassy bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, was killed at a checkpoint in Mogadishu. A DNA test was performed before his identity was confirmed
'As we continue to see successes in our efforts to secure our nation’s borders, our adversaries continue to grow more desperate in their attempts to smuggle humans and illegal contraband into this country,' CBP's Alan Bersin told the US Senate.
Russia's only convicted war criminal, former army Col. Yury Budanov, was fatally shot in downtown Moscow in what police called a contract killing, motivated by vengeance on the part of Chechens or a 'provocation' aiming to stir up ethnic strife.
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has warned NATO that the alliance could become irrelevant in a quickly changing world. While every member voted for the Libya mission, less than half have participated and fewer than a third are militarily involved.
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