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10 May 11



Albert Mohler
Killing Off Marriage? Dr. Ablow Reports — You DecideAlbert Mohler

Marriage is so essential to human happiness and to the organization of human society that it simply cannot be ignored or denied.

Chuck Colson
More God, Less CrimeChuck Colson

The Gospel changes lives, and it’s the best hope for keeping men and women out of prison. More scholars are taking note.

Dr. Shawn Ritenour
What Would Jesus Cut?Dr. Shawn Ritenour

It's the right question to ask, but a fundamental problem with Sojourners’ program is the assumption that what "we" do must be done by th...

Compiled & Edited by Crosswalk Editorial Staff
Top 10 Articles of April 2011Compiled & Edited by Crosswalk Editorial Staff

We celebrated Resurrection Sunday last month, and did a lot of talking about a theologian named Rob Bell. Don't miss any of our most popu...

  • Chuck Colson
Today's Features
  • 12 Killed in Muslim-Christian Violence in Egypt
    Chinese Christians Petition for Freedom of Religion Guarantee
    Open Doors CEO Talks about Persecution Misconceptions
    Vietnam Tries to Portray Cult Gathering as Christian
  • Study: 2 in 10 Atheist Scientists Are 'Spiritual'
    16 Killed in Christian Village in Northern Nigeria
    Iran: 11 Christians Await Verdict after Rushed Trial 
    Christian Groups Busy Responding to Tornado Devastation
  • China Rejects U.S. Report on Religious Freedom
    Christians Attacked by Anti-Government Protesters in Syria
    Some Wary of Black-Listing Egypt for Rights Violations
    Asia Bibi Still Imprisoned despite Internet Rumors


  • Dr. James Emery White
  • Jim Liebelt
  • Dr. Everett Piper
  • Dr. Ray Pritchard
  • John Shore

The Last Generation Network News Report

Last Generation News  Last Generation Report




EVERYONE at "The Biblical Christian Digital Network" takes News seriously. You should to. Serious enough to realize that ALL NEWS and ALL NEWS SERVICES are biased and opionated. That is a fact; that will not change no matter where you get your news or read it from.


This is News for some but there is no such thing as Fair and Balanced or Fact news.

When human beings are involved it means we all see things differently at times. News outside of America admits it is biased; News in America in the last 75 years has tried to "market" the idea of "journalistic integrity" when since before America became a nation it has been the venue of News to express opinion. Often as in media, owned and operated by "Newsservices" for political reason. 

It is up to you what you see; what you hear and what you understand.

The Only Facts For a Christian is The Word of God.

You control what you see; Be Carful how you read a story. You control what you hear; Be careful what and who you are listening to. You control what you understand; be mindful of God to direct your understanding.

In all things remember; you control how you act upon them; don't react to them.

"Take Everything to the Lord in Prayer; then leave it there."




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