OneThousandYears: Genesage (Chp2:4) ""Getting over P.T.T.S.D.'s""

One Thousand Years



"Getting over P.T.T.S.D.'s" 

Those early years of Survivors were horrific, but like a shepherd tending a flock, Eben had cared for these Survivors as though they were his own children. It was in many ways what Jesus had said He would do as a Shepherd. The first year after the Great Tribulation, the Survivors were much like new shorn sheep and defenseless. 

Surviving the End of the World was bad enough, but the people…, all who actually came through that experience, had also seen God.  Seeing God at one time during the Tribulation Period they had cried out for the mountains to fall on them and the rocks to bury them, it was such a terrifying sight. 

That “sight” left them “soul seared” as Eben once explained. No one, absolutely no one, dared God to ever reveal himself again. They would much rather He concealed himself. It isn’t easy to have your world literally torn apart and see God. 

Messiah had once said to let your eyes be full of light and not darkness, but to see holiness was a different matter entirely. There had been those who had seen the holiness of God with their eyes melting in their sockets and their flesh dripping away as Ezeq Kiel reminded Eben once in describing his visions.

Some said that was Hellfire, it wasn’t. That was what happened when ungodliness met holiness and was consumed. Nothing remained and many described God’s nature as a consuming fire. In some ways He was.

At the time Eben had thought of Nuclear War and the physical properties of exposure to a atomic bomb burst with atoms disintegrating in a fervent heat. Or a thermo-nuclear device, but As Eben had tried to explain it, Ezeq had understood immediately and disagreed with him. He said it would be like walking into the Holy of Holies not being the High Priest, then looking inside the Ark.

That Eben understood but not as Ezeq-Kiel might have imagined.

Eben really wanted to tell Ezeq Kiel about a movie called Raiders of the Lost Ark but he was pretty sure something would get lost along the way if he tried to explain it. The Prophet of God was more of a literalist and didn’t need to imagine anything, he had just about seen it all.

Despite seeing holiness and living, ( a real miracle Ezeq said), the Survivors also dealt with just the memories of everything being so “over the top” of their understanding. Things too phantasmic to even relate to. That for Eben was what PTTSD was all about. “Too much” about summed it all up.

Complete spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, psychological, socio, you name it, Overload. Sensory stupification on all levels of being.

After a few years though, quite a few years, they recovered. Recovered enough to get more involved, sort of. After realizing they were in fact alive and this wasn’t purgatory, hell or an alien abduction (More of PTTSD), the Survivors wanted to become more a part of life. A part of the big picture. The greater “whole” as it were. Those early attempts were just like little children wanting to be in charge.

Often they felt they had needed skills and abilities. The wanted to feel like they’re skills or abilities were missed. They needed to feel like they were missed. They wanted, some even needed, to feel needed. They wanted to help rebuild. Usually help rebuild something they had lost rather than build what the King wanted. Most were not aware they still had some learning to do.

One example was Juan. When Juan wanted to help, he went to Eben:

Juan asked,              

“Can I help?”

Eben replied,            


A few days later.       

Juan asked,              

“Can I help?”

Eben replied.


Juan said,

“I know how to fix computers.”


Eben replied                                        “When I need a computer fixed, I will ask you.”


Juan was encouraged by that. Everyday faithfully he came to Eben and asked if he found a computer yet. Eben simply replied no but if he did he would let him know.

Juan never failed to come every day for forty years till one day Apple a “newborn” in the Kingdom asked Juan why her Dad said Juan was on a snipe hunt.

Juan quit asking Eben if he found any computers.

He did keep his eyes open looking out for one just in case. Needless to say, in sixty-nine years, Juan had never been asked to fix a computer. Apple did find a snipe though, but that too is another story.

P.T.T.S.D. did funny things to different individuals so Juan’s story wasn’t the only one.

The Survivors needed to heal first. The next step would be to undo much of what they had been taught. Slowly they would learn how things were done in the Land they were living in. That would take time. As some recovered, though they had lots of time to deal with, but they were impatient.

All they could think about was when they “got back out into the world”….


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