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 Jack Kelley

The Fig Tree

Q. Re: Matthew 24:32.  I have heard that the fig tree represents Israel and relates to the 1967 six day war where Israel gained much land – thus the “leaves coming out”.  But I think it could just simply mean that when you see leaves on the trees you know summer is near.  Likewise, when you see all these things happening you know the end is near.  Could it be that Jesus was just trying to make that point and not give a parable?

A. A basic rule of Bible interpretation says, “When the plain sense of a passage makes common sense, seek no other sense.” The plain sense of Matt. 24:32 is that just as a blossoming fig tree indicates that summer is near, the appearance of the signs the Lord had been talking about indicates His return is near. It happens that the fig tree is the last to get leaves in the spring, so when it does you know summer is really here. There’s no reason to look any further into the passage for a hidden meaning.


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