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 Jack Kelley

The Book Of Jasher

Q. What is your view regarding the THE BOOK OF JASHER?  How accurate is it?  Any thoughts would do!!


A. Since the Book of Jasher is not in the Bible I am not very familiar with it. I do know that there are three different books with the same title.  Two are obvious fakes.  The real one was quoted twice in the Old Testament,  in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Sam. 1:18.  While thought to be authoritative, it was not included in the Bible because it’s author was unknown, and because it’s largely a secular history.  (Jasher is not the name of its author, it is a word that means “The Upright”.)

It appears to be written by a series of authors over an extended period of time. To be part of the Hebrew canon a book’s author had to be identified and its authenticity verified.  It was included in the Septuagint (Greek) translation but rejected from the Hebrew Bible about 90 AD.


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