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The orignal goal of "the Network" was to post material most people won't go look up.

To "hand deliver" the best and precise information I knew was available free from the Internet to the Reader.

The timetable was to develop and be "up and running" by Jan 1 2012 for what I like to think of as the greatest marathon about to begin.

That "marathon" is the running all out one last time to the Return of Jesus Christ, preparing some for the rapture and some who will remain.

Knowing the Times we live in, I never expected nor do I. that Jesus will return in 2012 or before.

However He could return anytime, I suspect strongly He won't; but death can happen any day, so we all need be ready.

Preparing People to Be Ready to Go and Preparing All to be Ready to Meet Jesus Face to Face today as we live; that is what we do.

I expect Jesus Himself, or His Spirit, or God our Father to visit you today.



The Network Exploded

In its current unfinished state, 5 to 10 thousand readers are visiting the sites daily.

God didn't wait for me, He made me catch up with Him.

Every day the systems and the sites, posts and formats are being streamlined and prepared to functiion better.

This "Note" is an example of that as if you view the "Bottom of the page" you will see the "new" connection details.

Praise the Lord I look forward to one day meeting you,

but for now I trust you inot His Care and His Love for You and us all as each day we watch and wait

For Jesus to Return.

It may not be 2012, but it will be THIS generation.


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Yes! Jesus is Coming!

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