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Obama releases birth form, decries 'silliness'

The Associated Press - ‎10 minutes ago‎
WASHINGTON (AP) - Responding to critics' relentless claims, President Barack Obama on Wednesday produced a detailed Hawaii birth certificate in an extraordinary attempt to bury the issue of where he was born and confirm his legitimacy to hold office.
Christian Science Monitor - San Francisco Chronicle - CBS News - Wall Street Journal

Treasurys Lower Before 5-Yr Auction, FOMC Statment, Bernanke

Wall Street Journal - Min Zeng - ‎28 minutes ago‎
NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--A looming five-year notes auction and stronger-than-forecast durable goods report pressured Treasurys Wednesday.
Reuters - MarketWatch - CNN - The Canadian Press

Obama set to name CIA's Leon Panetta as Defense secretary, officials say

Los Angeles Times - Ken DilanianChristi Parsons - ‎31 minutes ago‎
With the departure of Robert Gates at the Pentagon, the pending shakeup of the national security team would move Gen. David Petraeus to the CIA.
Reuters - Fox News - New York Times - Wikipedia: Leon Panetta

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Deadly Storms Leave Thousands Without Power  

New York Times - Campbell RobertsonRobbie Brown - ‎1 hour ago‎
VILONIA, Ark. - Twelve people have died during the past two days as a barrage of severe weather swept across parts of the South and wrecked this small town, leaving four dead.
Storms Kill Four in South Wall Street Journal 

Obama releases birth form, decries 'silliness'  

The Associated Press - ‎11 minutes ago‎
WASHINGTON (AP) - Responding to critics' relentless claims, President Barack Obama on Wednesday produced a detailed Hawaii birth certificate in an extraordinary attempt to bury the issue of where he was born and confirm his legitimacy to hold office.

Donald Trump offered to take over BP oil spill operation, newspaper reports  

NOLA.com - Bruce Alpert - ‎1 hour ago‎
By Bruce Alpert, Times-Picayune Real-estate mogul and now potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump last year suggested that he run the effort to stop the massive BP oil spill, according to a report in today's Washington Post.

Police scour pond in hunt for missing NH woman  

msnbc.com - ‎6 minutes ago‎
CONWAY, NH - Police on Wednesday searched a pond near where the car of a missing 20-year-old Maine woman was found with her daughter inside.

Tanya McDowell's case continued following press conference  

Stamford Advocate - ‎1 hour ago‎
NORWALK -- The case of a Bridgeport homeless woman charged with larceny for sending her 5-year-old to a Norwalk school has been continued to May 11 following her "not guilty" plea this morning at state Superior Court.

Speculators and High Oil Prices  

The New American - Bob Adelmann - ‎22 minutes ago‎
Last Thursday, speaking in Reno, Nevada, President Obama announced that the Department of Justice was going to examine the role of "traders and speculators in the gasoline and oil markets," and how they contribute to high gas prices.

Floodwater Fight on Mississippi  

Missouri Ruralist - ‎1 hour ago‎
Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster reported April 26 that his office and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources have filed a federal lawsuit asking a judge to stop the US Corps of Engineers' plans to detonate the levee at Birds Point in ...

Target of Boynton wife's alleged hit returns to witness stand  

Sun-Sentinel - Alexia Campbell - ‎11 minutes ago‎
Michael Dippolito was so scared in the months leading up to his wife's alleged plot to have him murdered, that he just wanted someone to go ahead and kill him, he said on Wednesday while testifying in Dalia Dippolito's ...

Number of 100-year-olds is booming in US  

The Associated Press - ‎19 hours ago‎
BOCA RATON, Fla. (AP) - Not too long ago, Lonny Fried's achievement would have dropped jaws. TV and newspaper reporters would have showed up at her door.

Appeals court orders new sentencing hearing for Abu-Jamal  

Reuters - Dave WarnerEllen Wulfhorst - ‎20 hours ago‎
PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - A federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled that high profile death-row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal should get a new sentencing hearing.
A Victory for Mumia CounterPunch 

US Republicans regroup on Medicare, budget plan  

Reuters - Donna Smith - ‎1 hour ago‎
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican lawmakers privately discussed ways on Tuesday to better explain a proposed overhaul of a popular healthcare program for the elderly after a number of testy exchanges with constituents.
Ryan takes on critics of Medicare plan Wisconsin Radio Network 

Michelle and Barack Obama Visit Chicago for Oprah Show Taping  

MyFox Chicago - ‎1 hour ago‎
Chicago - President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are coming home to Chicago Wednesday for a brief visit. The Obamas will tape an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, becoming the latest big names to appear on her program in its final season ...

Records show Colorado mall bomb suspect has long history of firearms ...  

Washington Post - ‎1 hour ago‎
By AP, BOULDER, Colo. - A man suspected of placing a homemade bomb in a shopping mall near Columbine High School has a history of offenses involving firearms and explosives that dates back at least 27 years, court records show.
Colorado bomb suspect has long criminal history Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette 

Carl Lewis Files Federal Lawsuit After Official Halts Bid for NJ Senate 

Bloomberg - David VoreacosEsme E. Deprez - ‎10 minutes ago‎
Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis filed a federal lawsuit challenging a ruling by New Jersey's top election official that he can't run for the state Senate because he doesn't meet the ...

Factbox: Lawsuits challenging U.S. healthcare reform  

Reuters - ‎49 minutes ago‎
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - More than half of all US states have launched lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the healthcare reforms signed into law by President Barack Obama a year ago.

Wisconsin Supreme Court recount begins  

Chicago Tribune - ‎1 hour ago‎
AP County clerks were scheduled to begin the process at 9 am The state Government Accountability Board plans to post results on its website as they are gathered.

Debt limit standoff: 10 things to watch  

The Hill - Bob Cusack - ‎5 hours ago‎
Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill are strategizing for what is expected to be a bruising debate on raising the nation's debt limit and reining in government spending.

Seniors protest cuts to Social Security, Medicare  

CNBC.com - ‎49 minutes ago‎
CORTLAND, NY - Senior citizens and activists are gathering to protest plans to reduce the federal deficit by cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Federal money for NC rail inspected in House bill 

Forbes - ‎1 hour ago‎
AP , 04.27.11, 10:24 AM EDT RALEIGH, NC -- The General Assembly could block certain future federal railroad grants offered to North Carolina in a bill given initial House approval.

Utility rejects contract to buy Vermont Yankee power 

Reuters - ‎1 hour ago‎
NEW YORK, April 27 (Reuters) - A utility in Vermont rejected a contract to buy power from Entergy Corp's (ETR.N) embattled Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant on Tuesday.



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EVERYONE at "The Biblical Christian Digital Network" takes News seriously. You should to. Serious enough to realize that ALL NEWS and ALL NEWS SERVICES are biased and opionated. That is a fact; that will not change no matter where you get your news or read it from.


This is News for some but there is no such thing as Fair and Balanced or Fact news.

When human beings are involved it means we all see things differently at times. News outside of America admits it is biased; News in America in the last 75 years has tried to "market" the idea of "journalistic integrity" when since before America became a nation it has been the venue of News to express opinion. Often as in media, owned and operated by "Newsservices" for political reason. 

It is up to you what you see; what you hear and what you understand.

The Only Facts For a Christian is The Word of God.

You control what you see; Be Carful how you read a story. You control what you hear; Be careful what and who you are listening to. You control what you understand; be mindful of God to direct your understanding.

In all things remember; you control how you act upon them; don't react to them.

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