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Do you have a tendency to avoid difficult decisions? (165-1)

Written by Barry-Werner on March 14th, 2011. Posted in Decision MakingDependence on GodJeremiahLeadership Principles,ListeningObedience to GodOld TestamentSkills.

Some leaders fail because of their inability to make the tough decisions. Read Jeremiah 42:1-43:13.

In 586 BC after Babylon captured Judah and exiled most of the populous to Babylon the small contingent of Jews left in the land was made up of the poor, those that came back to Judah from neighboring nations and some field commanders and their troops that slipped through the hands of the Babylonian army. Gedaliah, the governor of Judah appointed by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, was assassinated by a rogue Jewish field commander. The other Jewish field commanders hunted down the rogue army but now those remaining in the land had a decision. Do they stay in Judah believing the Babylonians will accept the flight of the rogue field commander and his troops to Amon as justice for the crime or do they migrate to Egypt, where they felt they would be safe from Babylonian reprisal? 

They asked Jeremiah to inquire of God concerning their decision. After ten days Jeremiah returned with the information that God said to stay in Judah. God had told Jeremiah that they would be safe from Babylonian reprisal. Jeremiah had to make a tough decision when the people rejected God’s answer to their question. Should he put his own life at risk again to obey God and deliver the message from God concerning the consequences of their decision or remain silent taking the path of least resistance? Jeremiah’s decision was to honor God. He delivered the news that if they left Judah for the protection of Egypt everyone, including their families, would perish.

Many leaders resist making the tough decisions. Consider some guidelines for making difficult decisions:

  • Start with prayer for godly discernment and the courage to act on the facts.
  • Seek to understand your part and God’s part in the process.
  • Build into your expectations that you will expend some emotional capitol.
  • Commit to making any decision based on godly principles and God-honoring values.
  • Do the necessary research to gather needed information.
  • Seek counsel from trusted advisors to help you evaluate the known facts.
  • Once you have the necessary information to make a difficult decision any delay will only harm the people and the process.
  • Communicate the decision to the necessary groups or individuals.

Do you have a tendency to avoid difficult decisions? Even when you have made a difficult decision do you delay making that decision known? Wise leaders understand that difficult decisions are an unavoidable part of leadership and step up to the challenge by making wise, informed decisions and effectively communicating those decisions to the team.

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