Issue's & Answers: Got Questions "Should Christians financially support non-Christian causes?"

Supporting non-Christian causes?

Should Christians financially support non-Christian causes?
If a cause/effort does not include sharing the Gospel and/or pointing towards Jesus Christ, should Christians support it?


  1. Comment by Mimi
    YES :) If it is a worthy, moral cause absolutely! I support buying Girl Scout cookies, donating bottles to the local HS causes, usually HS sports, I support helping send money to help people who have suffered from natural disasters, I have donated a car to help someone else have a vehicle…but it didn’t matter to me if they were Christian or not, what mattered was sharing God’s love, to those in need.

  2. Comment by ceseeley
    Only if the Holy Spirit, Tempered with Scripture and Prayer, clearly guides one to support it while taking into consideration Psa 27:14:
    Psa 27:14 Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.
    When Christians wait for the Lord to initiate the guidance, then He gets the Glory and that draws other people to Him so that He can bless them too!!!
    This guidance may come in a nanosecond, minutes or hours, but that is what faith is all about … God is the guide and we are to follow … Praise the Lord for the Opportunity!!!

  3. Comment by Michael James Stone
    Of course.
    But the criteria is the key;
    You don’t witness to an unconscious man so Uncommon Sense has to apply.
    Critical aid is a necessary item for all Human Beings and we don’t stop saving a life even when it is an enemy combatant or some one we may personally hate for some reason.
    Each person will give an accounting so the question i individually decided.
    My personal opinion is we should have no professional Christians of any kind, be it Pastor, Teacher, Priest or Worship leader. Each should proffer out the work of their own hands and provide for themselves giving a portion to God, but not necessarily for “traditional” usage by buying; running;selling; developing religious artifices and “jobs”.
    I would share and care alike and develop accordingly.
    BUT NO ONE will agree with me, I am an idealist, and perhaps too much retro-Christian in some ways.
    But as far as “money” angle the question hints at;
    You reap what you sow;You get what you pay for.
    If you establish what and why you use money for, then you can decide who and where you use the money or Your Money for.
    It is my opinion the gospel is a natural outflow of your everyday life no matter where you are or what you are doing.
    If that is true for an Orthodox Jew; or a Shiite Moslem; how much more so should it be obvious of a Christian to me an obvious living gospel then a program and patterned response that….,
    Was bought and paid for.
    Jesus doesn’t need support through using care to witness; He cares enough for the person to witness his support for them, thru you.

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