Christian Issues & Answers with Jack Kelley: "Why Was She Born?"

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Why Was She Born?

Q. My day is incomplete without paying a visit in your site.  Thank you very much for the insight that you give us regarding the word of God.  I have a friend that was born after her mother was raped. She doesn’t know her father. I strongly believe that God is all knowing and people come from God and he even knew how we would be born, but I want to know in the case of this friend of mine if was it God’s plan that she was born out of rape? If no, then how come God allowed this person to be born in such a situation?


A. One of that hardest jobs I have is convincing people that God is not the cause of the bad things that happen in this world.  He didn’t create it this way, and in fact, since the fall of man the whole world has been under the control of the evil one (2 Cor. 4:4, 1 John 5:19).  The bad things that happen are his fault because he’s the one who brought sin into the world.

God gave the life of His Son to reverse the effects of sin, and in the fullness of time will restore His creation to its original condition.  In the mean time your friend was born into this sinful world under terrible circumstances.  But because she was she now has the chance to spend an eternity filled with blessing in the presence of the Lord. Had she not been born, she would not have this opportunity.


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