GotQuestions: ““what is the most controversial issue in the Christian faith today?"

Most controversial issue?

In your experience,

what is the most controversial issue in the Christian faith today?


  1. Comment by Garrett

    I would say the free will vs. predestination debate…seems like it always has been.

  2. Comment by Brian

    The apathetic attitudes Christians have toward Sharia law.

  3. Comment by Malik

    The Trinity and Salvation by Faith alone

  4. Comment by Jodi Rick

    In my personal experience from true believers, whether or not we could ever lose our salvation once saved…opinions vary from pastor to pastor..

  5. Comment by Joshua Trevathan

    The fact that Christians are hypocrites seems to always be brought up when I talk to people about God. It’s hard for people to understand that we can be saved but still sin etc… I hope this answers your question. Another thing would be the idea of predestination ie: divine election (this seems to only be argued among more scholarly christians though) but that’s just my 2 cents

  6. Comment by Steve Terrell

    Speaking “within” Christianity; we could list topics such as essentialness of baptism, doctrine of election, etc. All resulting from differences of interpretation, and therefore, enabling denominationalism.

    “Denominationalism”, and the fact that it exists, however naturally we may have arrived here, is “harmful” to the cause of Christ. Not the only thing harmful, and maybe not the major thing which is harmful, but as close as we can come to shooting ourselves in the foot.

    Regardless… an un-believer will take responsibility for his / her decision (key word). Likewise, this is not to say that denominations, per se, are “bad” or harmful… in, and of, themselves. This discussion is not about who’s right or who’s wrong (at least not in this context). However, this whole idea of “division” (denominationalism) is harmful to the ultimate, and simple, purpose of His body …which is to glorify God, in unity, and to proclaim the gospel / good news to the un-believer. Difficult to do when we can’t all sing out of the same hymnal …so to speak.

    I believe there are other major controversies, not contained necessarily within the body, which the church must, and does, struggle with…

    1. “Christ” Himself – the ekklesia / the church / the members making it up… providing an evidence that Christ is who Scripture indicates Him to be. Once again, responsibility certainly falls on the un-believer. But a Christ-follower always struggles with his / her own witness of Christ. It is difficult to merely throw our hands in the air and give up! This opposes the biblical mandate to “go into the world”.

    2. God’s Word – Inspiration and infallibility of Scripture. Is Scripture trustworthy? Is it more than an historical reference? Like bullet #1, responsibility for belief / un-belief ultimately falls on the individual. Scripture clearly indicates we are without excuse …but if you don’t trust God’s word, with which our faith aligns, then the point becomes “moot”, from any debatable stand-point. Further indication that the Holy Spirit must work.

    3. “Worldliness” – the church acquiring things, and practices, of the world ….for the purpose of trying to reach the lost (all things to all men …we say), instead of the church “influencing” the world. We’ve flipped it!

    Sorry …the question was “the” most controversial issue. Bullet #3 would be a logical conclusion ….speaking within the confines / responsibilities of Christ’ church; but the other factors are key, as well.

  7. Comment by Dave

    My own personal opinion of the most controversial issue in the Christian faith today are the divisions created by individual interpretation of the bible and application of faith.

    The reasons I feel these are controversial are that we start to use our interpretation of the word and how we apply that interpretation to our faith to insist (in many cases) that our belief is the one true belief. We have created an perception in the world where we are often seen as crazy Christians driving those to whom we attempt to minister, further away from God. We create further divisions when we start attacking other Christian faiths as not being Christian enough or labeling them as cults.

    We were given two commandments by Christ. To love God with all our hearts, minds and souls, and to love others as we love ourselves.

    Too often, we get bogged down in the minutia of dogma and faith and forget to carry the message of God’s Love and forgiveness. We focus more on the words of Paul rather than the words of Christ.

  8. Comment by Roel

    If the Christian foundation is based on relationship with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Why is there so much strife with religion?

  9. Comment by Nelson

    I think the most controversial topic is, in general, the Arminian-Calvinist debate, more accurately on the issue of predestination/election.

    BTW, here’s a good book to read on how contentious it is:

    Predestination: The American Career of a Contentious Doctrine

  10. Comment by Debbie

    I think from the recent postings; women as pastors of a local church body. LOL!! On a more serious note, I believe liberalism or whatever your particular word for it is; post-modernism, neo-theology is sending many innocent people to hell.

  11. Comment by Anonymous

    The divinity of Christ.

  12. Comment by R

    This could be one, There is a atheist, heading in the a well known denomination Christian church to stop the teaching of biblical account of creation in genesis and replace with secular evolution. The thing is a lot of churches in this denomination is buying it.

  13. Comment by Anonymous

    Other than questioning the divinity of Christ Himself, I would say, “Can a person know that he is saved?”

  14. Comment by Michael James Stone

    1) Political Activism as a “part” of faith.
    2) Violence vs non-violence means.
    3) Christianizing of American History
    4) Super-Patriotism
    5) Independence vs Unity
    6) Entertainment Gospel
    7) Convenient Faith

    Those are a few, but I think A. W. Tozer saw it coming and so it is no Surprise, and the sad thing is, there is little objection.

  15. Comment by Jesse

    I think the most crucial controversy today is the doctrine of the deity of Christ; also the doctrine of Justification – people need to know how God justifies us and what that means. I think the most popular controversy is the Reformed vs. Semi-Pelagian debate, and what I think is at the heart of this debate is the atonement; that’s the most important. I’ve also notice a sort of a hidden controversy in the doctrine of sola scriptura. So many think they believe that, but then turn around and seek alternate sources of revelation. So we’ve got:

    1) the doctrine of the deity of Christ
    2) the doctrine of Justification
    3) the doctrine of the Atonement
    4) the doctrine of Sola Scriptura

  16. Comment by Debbie

    Hi Nelson,
    I am a Calminian. LOL!!

  17. Comment by wwjd247365

    Whether Allah is a Arabic moon god, carved out of rock, or a real God … like God … the Father of Jesus Christ!

  18. Comment by Kate

    Well, I believe that it is the question of interpretation of scriptures and the divisions it creates – under this issue, fall all of the other issues. Of course, this same issue can be found within every belief system; but I feel that this can also be found in almost every other subject outside of religious belief systems. I do recognize that many turn away from Christianity due to the level of strife between denominations (as well between individual believers).

    Like anything, everything, anyone and everyone – it and we are always a work in progress – sometimes we Christians forget that. : )

  19. Comment by ceseeley


  20. Comment by Jose de Carvalho

    Does God still perform miracles today?

  21. Comment by Nelson

    Hey, Stone…about Tozer…now there’s a heavy hitter! I love reading his books.

    It’s like someone smacking me in th head, picking me up by the scruff, dusting me off, and saying, “No, this is the right way; now get going, buddy.”


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