OpposingViews: Solving the Great Issues Christians Face..., well maybe....(Abortion)

Solving the Great Issues Christians Face..., well maybe....


by Michael James Stone on Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 10:38am     OddThoughtsOnSaturday:


The problem with abortion issues is Men decide. They are often the first ones to "make" a knee jerk decision and remind a "religious" minded person what the scriptures say and not "add the rest of the law" if they are determining a "course of action".

If I were strictly and purely "legal." MAN is guilty of abortion. While the Woman may determine the "participation" on her part of the initial act, and the subsequent "consequence" result, i.e. pregnancy then choice of abortion;

The "original sin" in an abortion is the man.

You can't get pregnant and have an abortion unless a man has "Unaccountable Seed" that is "his responsibility" of where it goes. He has the ability to determine where and what his "seed" is used for.

Whether for good or evil, whether to give life or take life(eventually) or whether to waste his "seed" as in spilling on the ground and abusing (not using as in the way and purpose it was designed.)

The "issuance of life" are those things that proceed out of a man, and in Jesus case he said it was Our words from our heart, but in "the Law" it would be the "seed of man" is responsible to the man who initiates it.

Seed" is the Issuance of Life that man is allowed to participate with a woman and God in "creating" life, and propagating birth. 

Man Conceives; Woman receives; God breathes; and you have a living soul.

If you participate in sex, as God intended, then you are Initiating life, and progenitor of "life issuance" which is orderly usage of the body for godly purposes meaning pregnancy and birth.

Inordinate affection, though often used to only include homosexuality in Romans, is ANYTHING that is NOT THE NATURAL ORDER and usage of the body. Since you exist forever, heaven or hell etc, then it makes sense.

If you live only now, "throwing your sperm around" without consequence and irregardless of accountability, then that is the rationale of many.

BUT, if you admit, like WE MEN DO, we dodge the issue and BLAME everyone else AFTER THE FACT OF OUR INDULGENCE, and pretend we are not accountable for where and what we did with our seed, then of course we say like ADAM....,


IT WAS THE WOMAN at fault.


ABORTION is a MAN dodging his accountability for his own body, by blaming a woman for what he did with her body in the first place.

You don;t have an abortion without a man participating in the first place. No woman rapes a man to go out and have an abortion. Nor does a woman get inseminated to have an abortion.

It's just we men, much like society portraying mean as boys, need to grow up and own up to our own Seed.

If we do, it won't eliminate all abortion, but 99% of it. And if it were "eye for an eye" than the man who impregnated a woman and woman who had an abortion ending life, the woman might be sterilzed, but if you castrated just one man, MALES the world over would think twice about Inordinate, Irresponsible SEX with no accountability.   


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