DailyLeadership: Do you have established core values? (156-4)

Do you have established core values? (156-4)

Written by Barry-Werner on January 13th, 2011. Posted in CharacterCore TruthsIsaiahLeadership PrinciplesOld Testament.

When godly leaders have one set of core values they live by it serves to eliminate competing realities in the workplace. Read Isaiah 58:1-4.

Israel’s leaders thought their actions should please God. They were fasting and seeking God for decisions and direction but they had their life segmented into the spiritual and secular and did not allow the values from their spiritual life to spill over into the secular. They were seeking God one moment and exploiting their workers and striking each other with their fists at other moments. They had one set of values when dealing with God and another set of values when dealing with their job. How many leaders today are suffering from the same way of thinking? 

God is calling leaders to live from His set of values and ethics. Fasting is fine and good but to fast while continuing to harbor destructive thoughts and oppressive attitudes does not reflect godly leadership. God’s Word supplies the foundation for our values. Values supply the power that drives our leadership.

With God everything is related and since values drive actions, Christian leaders must have one set of core values that permeate every area of their life. The values of our culture are shallow and subjective, but the moral standards of Scripture reflect God’s absolute and unchanging character. God is aware of a leader’s heart values and, as with the Israelites, rejects right behavior when it is done in conjunction with wrong behavior.

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