One Thousand Years: Genesage "Environmental Impact Report: Forestation" (Chp3:1a)

Phase One of Catastrophic Collapse of Earth
a     The Impact of God Judging the Earth
                                                        1/3rd of all land mass destroyed
(original file lost, this amended version, though partial, contains elements of the original document)-[Note added by Brother Michael in 12KA]
o   Every Nation affected:  1/3rd of the World’s Forests are burned.
§  Fire kills many of the earth’s inhabitants directly.
§  Roughly more than a million die in immediate fires.
§  Another subsequent ten million lost in secondary burn related deaths.
§  Smoke inhalation and oxygen deprivation kills nearly 6 million elderly “Baby boom” generation.
§  Three million more die from toxic fumes, secondary gas related, oxygen depravation.
§  Catastrophic photosynthesis ecological failure occurs.
§  Earth from space looks like Gehenna or Hell with fire and smoke evident.
§  5/10ths of the global wildlife is consumed in the flames.
§  Almost 4/10ths of all animal life becomes extinct.
“The Age of Fire” felt like an eternity when the Forest began to burn. The searing smoking inferno immediately caused Global Panic and nightmarish “doomsday” scenarios as governments were ill prepared to handle this contingency.
“The Flash Fire Syndrome” as panicked Surviving scientist called it, was instantaneous.
Within minutes the world was burning with 1/3 of all forests on fire. Earth gases released through fissures in the Crust of the Earth or an extreme imbalance in oxygen/nitrogen, or a Solar Flare flashing from the Sun, only God knew how 1/3 of the forests ignited.
Some speculated it was a conflux of Volcanic Eruptions, Tectonic shifts, Asteroid Strikes, a Solar Flare, and a Polar shift. And while all those did occur, at this stage, it was highly unlikely by eye witness accounts that all this happened at once.
This was the “purgatory” man wanted and it seemed God granted.
This became the inferno those who didn’t believe in Hell saw. Saw if they lived through it. Most did not. Even in Noah’s day, only one family survived.
It would never happen again. But those who survived Phase One, were “seared” in their minds. Branded by the complete and total devastation as God brought Judgment. Flames in the eyes of those who saw and it was only the beginning.
# The outline of “Catastrophism on Creation” was the first document recounted by the remnants of the former Catholic Church Survivors: Order of the Catacombs. Taken from a Survivor with total recall who some said never regained his sanity, others thought before he died, he simply lost the will to live; after seeing all God did.
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