One Thousand Years: Jobage The Prequel "The Day After the Rapture Stories" 1


One Thousand Years

The Christian Fiction Series

“The Author fully expects to Live”

  {Excerpts from One Thousand Years}


Jobage The Prequel:


The Day After the Rapture Stories


“Who Knew?”


After all those stories and times people kept saying it would happen, who knew. Certainly somebody got it right, didn’t they?

 A very frightening thought, as if all thought weren’t now frightening now, came creeping in his mind.


What if, what if we were all wrong?


That scared her.


How could everyone be wrong? 

Surely somebody had to have gotten it right, I mean for Gods sake, there WERE people missing.

 But what people!! Who could account for it? 

The ones who obviously should have been missing today are still here.

 Breathing was getting suddenly hard, her chest became tight and constricted, somewhere in her bowels she suddenly felt bloated, uncomfortable.

 Looking over the initial survey report it was obvious something was wrong with the names here:


A Murderer

An Adulterer

A Talk Show Host

My God there was a Democrat on here, even a Wall Street Banker.

Some names were to be expected, and they were there.

Only one Tele-evangelist.

The summary sheet made no sense at all.

How could so few famous names not be included?


They weren’t all Christians, they certainly weren’t all saints, and it seemed few had any real connections to anyone else on the list. 

The common denominator was missing. 

The element of six degrees looked like it had its first exception.

This...this "disappearance" listing made no sense at all.

There it was, classified and categorized "For Her Eyes Only"

The Summary Brief was attached.

Her ADVISORS recommendations were attached

Everything was in order and set out as always. made no sense to her at all.

It could have been written in Greek for all it said to her.


A part of the HER mind said this was still a bad dream, it did “feel” like it. 

But a morning  show host, a comedian and the absence of the story on the news wire, those were obvious signs;


 Shutting down the stock market because of a “technical melt down” had been a good idea. She signed off on that one, but SHE knew that couldn’t last.

Still one day the world would have to get on with business.

Shut down for One Day would at least help her get a handle on this.

After all the show must go on.

She WAS the President, this WAS her watch.

Wasn't this Her Duty after all?


An aide came in and left quickly seeing her curt dismissal. 

She wanted nothing from anyone right now. 

She certainly did not want bad news. 

Looking around the room she knew she should do something, after all the phone had wrung at midnight.

She had to DO something...,


The phone call had woken here to a crisis mode. 

She had listened for 20 minutes as the Issues were explained in monotone.  

She had listened numbly.

 She acknowledged the call, stated she would be IN, in the morning and hung up. 

She wondered how her Chief Aide had felt about that one.

Oh how she wished she would have seen the look on His face at that moment.

She hadn't slept from that moment on, in fact, she giggled almost hysterically.

The Secret Service Agent monitoring her room from his office, knocked and entered.

He had brought a pot of coffee and a bible.

She had almost commented on it but as she was still in shock, she simply giggled.

A bible? at a time like this?


4 hours later her chief of staff came in. She told Him to get out and come back at 6.

He was not usually so summarily dismissed. 

Her staff was shocked when she sent a text to each one that said in essence:  to Stop, take a deep breath, go home till noon, then come back. 

None had, so she holed up here in the Oval Office, running everyone off till noon.


Her security detail was rattled, you could see it in the tension in the shoulders, faces, quiet hushed terms. 

They seemed for the first time at a loss how to proceed. 

Shocked would have been a good word, but that had to have been last night. 

Today, the sun had risen and the world was going on, just not the way they had thought it would.

She was sure they were conferring with the Surgeon General, the Vice President, and Her Chief of Staff


She looked out the window trying to remember

 Humming she fumbled in her desk for a pad of paper which having found with her executive pen she wrote:


“Why do the Birds go on singing?”


She had noticed the Red breasted robin outside, trying to chortle out the mocking bird and Chick-a-dees on the Cherry Tree outside.


“Why does the Sun go on shining?


Certainly was spring, there was no doubt. 

The fresh air of cooler mornings were yielding to the pressures of summer coming with spring 


Every year,,,she thought,


“Why do these eyes of mine cry?”


Closing her mind he shut her eyes to all around her, taking a moment to stop. 

She had told everyone else to do that.

 It had seemed like a good idea at the time. 

Now that her moment had come to “be still”, she had a hard time slowing her heat rate.


He head rate was running a mile a minute with thoughts, but she felt she needed to do this. 

She felt like she had to do this. 

She wanted to do this. 

She recalled what she had told everyone to do when they went home today, if they had.


She said, Go Home. 

Get alone. 

Be still. 

Be quiet. 

Be away from everyone else. 

Just sit for a few minutes with yourself.


The rest she was doing herself. 

Trying to stop the madcap ideas that flit through the brain like a kaleidoscope of impressionist art. 

Life, loves, tragedies, families, the future, the past, the moment, the lovers, the failings, the success, all seemed meager renditions of the life she wanted to love compared to the one she had.

 Now, here she was, the moment of Truth. 

All was still, it was very real, she stopped her thoughts. 

She was alone in her mind and sat very still like a child.


She had been humming the song. 

In one last moment she recalled the words to it. 

She wrote them on the paper on her desk. 

Leaning back and remembering her quiet time she saw the light on her phone had come on from the residence.

She remembered she had asked her daughter to come in.


There were some things she wanted to say. 

Some personal items she wanted to get off her chest. 

Things she had always meant to say, just never got the time. 

Now was the time. 

She lifted the phone and told her secretary to let her daughter in.


Before the Door opened she closed her eyes back to her “moment” that she had told everyone else to do.

 In a rare tenderness she spoke, hardly realizing she had said the words out loud.


Loud enough that the person who had entered the room heard what she said.

 “God Forgive us” came out of her mothers lips. 

She was the Presidents daughters. 

While her mothers eyes were closed she shot her.


Blood splattered down on the words the President had written.

 The white paper was getting soaked in red.  There was shock as the bullet had not stopped her heart yet and time had stood still. 

Her eyes had opened in disbelief. Time had moved so slowly.

 But her head suddenly weighed a ton as she slumped forward towards her desktop. 

Before closing her eyes forever she saw the last words she had written.


“Don’t they know, it’s the End of the World?”



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The WeekEnder: Middle East News (b)

Middle East News




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AP – 52 mins ago  

JERUSALEM - Israel's Justice Ministry declared Sunday that no indictments will be filed against police in the case of an American activist who was hit by a tear gas canister and left comatose during a violent demonstration in the West Bank last year.

AP – 1 hr 58 mins ago  

CHAM, Iran - Thousands of Iranians gathered at dusk against a snowy mountain backdrop to light giant bonfires in an ancient mid-winter festival dating back to Iran's pre-Islamic past that is drawing new interest from Muslims.

AP – 2 hrs 33 mins ago  

CAIRO - Egypt will soon reveal the results of DNA tests made on the world's most famous ancient king, the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun, to answer lingering mysteries over his lineage, the antiquities department said Sunday.

AP – Sun Jan 31, 11:10 am ET  

JERUSALEM - Israeli officials said Sunday that a Hamas commander assassinated in Dubai played a central role in smuggling weapons from Iran to Gaza militants. But they refused to say whether Israel was responsible for killing the man it had sought for two decades.

AP – Sun Jan 31, 8:51 am ET  

CAIRO - Egyptian prosecutors are questioning 25 people suspected of forming a new Islamic militant group to carry out attacks inside the country, a security official and a lawyer said Sunday.

AP – Sun Jan 31, 7:58 am ET  

AMMAN, Jordan - A Jordanian security official says authorities have arrested dozens of Muslim militants in connection with a failed bomb attack on Israeli diplomats.

AP – Sun Jan 31, 7:54 am ET  

SAN'A, Yemen - Yemen's government on Sunday rejected a cease-fire offer from the country's northern rebels and issued a fresh demand calling on the militants to pledged not to attack neighboring Saudi Arabia.

AP – Sat Jan 30, 1:02 pm ET  

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran put 16 opposition supporters detained during anti-government protests last month on trial Saturday on charges of rioting and conspiring against the ruling system, Iran's state media reported.

AP – Sat Jan 30, 1:01 pm ET  

BAGHDAD - A suicide bomber detonated an explosives belt Saturday at a restaurant popular with Iraqi security forces in a city that was once a flash point for sectarian slaughter, killing at least two people, authorities said.

AP – Sat Jan 30, 8:45 am ET  

RAMADI, Iraq - A prominent sheik and U.S. ally is weighing whether to urge fellow Sunnis to boycott upcoming elections in protest of the government's ballot purge of hundreds of candidates suspected of links to Saddam Hussein's regime.

AFP – Sun Jan 31, 10:35 am ET  

SANAA (AFP) - Yemen on Sunday said it would stop its war on Shiite northern rebels only if they agree to a six-point truce offer, including a pledge not to attack Saudi Arabia, as fighting raged on three fronts.

Reuters – 1 hr 25 mins ago  

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel and the United States are closely conferring about the Iranian nuclear program, U.S. National Security Adviser Jim Jones said in an interview published Sunday, calling Israel's conduct "responsible."

AFP – Sun Jan 31, 10:34 am ET  

DUBAI (AFP) - The police chief of Dubai said on Sunday Israel's spy agency Mossad or others with a vested interest could have killed a top militant of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in a Dubai hotel room.

AFP – 1 hr 36 mins ago  

TRIPOLI (AFP) - A Libyan appeal court on Sunday overturned a jail term slapped on Swiss businessman Rashid Hamdani on a charge of overstaying his visa, his lawyer said, easing a Tripoli-Bern diplomatic spat.

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The WeekEnder: MiddleEast News (A)

Middle East News




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Reuters – Sat Jan 30, 7:12 pm ET  

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - A shipment of weapons from North Korea seized by Thai authorities last month were headed for Iran, according to a confidential report the Thai government sent to a U.N. Security Council committee.

AFP – 1 hr 2 mins ago  

LUANDA (AFP) - Egypt entered the record books here on Sunday, beating Ghana 1-0 in the final of the Africa Cup of Nations with supersub Mohamed 'Gedo' Nagy lifting the Pharaohs to their third straight title.

AFP – 1 hr 37 mins ago  

CAIRO (AFP) - One of the great remaining mysteries of ancient Egypt, the lineage of the boy-pharaoh Tutankhamun, may soon be solved, the country's antiquities supremo hinted on Sunday.

AFP – Sat Jan 30, 10:22 am ET  

TEHRAN (AFP) - Opposition heads on Saturday implicitly called for demonstrations on the February 11 anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution, as the elite Revolutionary Guards warned that any such protest will be crushed.

AFP – 16 mins ago  

ADDIS ABABA (AFP) - Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's handover of the African Union presidency to Malawi Sunday was greeted with hushed relief by many diplomats after a year of infighting they said harmed the body's image.

Reuters – Sat Jan 30, 9:13 am ET  

TEHRAN (Reuters) - A trial began on Saturday of 16 opposition protesters charged over unrest connected with Iran's disputed June presidential election, with the Revolutionary Guards warning against further demonstrations.

AFP – 48 mins ago  

MOSCOW (AFP) - Russian energy giant Lukoil signed an agreement in Baghdad on Sunday to develop Iraq's massive West Qurna-2 oil field, the company said in a statement.

Reuters – Sat Jan 30, 7:55 am ET  

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran, criticized by rights groups for its policy of executing some criminals, hanged two men on Saturday for rape, a local news agency reported

AFP – Sat Jan 30, 2:42 pm ET  

SAMARRA, Iraq (AFP) - A suicide bomber blew himself up at a memorial service where anti-Al-Qaeda militiamen and local dignitaries had gathered on Saturday, killing two people and wounding 19 others, police said.

AFP – Sat Jan 30, 7:28 am ET  

TEHRAN (AFP) - Opposition heads on Saturday implicitly called for demonstrations on the February 11 anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution, as the Revolutionary Guards warned that any such protest will be crushed.

AFP – Sat Jan 30, 11:58 am ET  

BEIRUT (AFP) - Salvage teams turned over debris to the Lebanese army on Saturday as they scoured the seabed for the black boxes of an Ethiopian airliner that crashed off Beirut, leaving 90 people presumed dead.

AP – Sat Jan 30, 2:24 am ET  

CAIRO - Osama bin Laden sought to draw a wider public into his fight against the United States in a new message Friday, dropping his usual talk of religion and holy war and focusing instead on an unexpected topic: global warming.

AFP – Sat Jan 30, 6:44 am ET  

TEHRAN (AFP) - Opposition leaders in a meeting on Saturday condemned the execution of two dissidents hanged for allegedly plotting to topple the Islamic regime after Iran's election dispute broke out in June.

AFP – Sat Jan 30, 8:18 am ET  

SANAA (AFP) - Yemeni security forces detained a suspected Al-Qaeda member overnight as he prepared to carry out a suicide bombing in the southeastern port of Mukalla, an interior ministry spokesman said on Saturday.

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