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Greg's Notes: A New Beginning Teaching Outlines


Here are your links to Greg's Notes for the upcoming week. We hope they'll be useful to you in your study of God's Word and in following along with Pastor Greg's messages on A New Beginning.

And don't forget, if you miss a day of A New Beginning, you can always listen to it streaming online. Just click here for the A New Beginning archives page.

Why Does God Allow
Suffering? Part 1

Job 1

Part 1: January 18 (Monday)
Part 2: January 19 (Tuesday)

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Why Does God Allow
Suffering? Part 2

Job 2

Part 1: January 20 (Wednesday)
Part 2: January 21 (Thursday)

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Never Try to Catch
a Falling Knife

Genesis 3:1-22

Part 1: January 22 (Friday)
Part 2: January 25 (Monday)

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One Thousand Years: Genesage 1A (Intro)

All Scripture Quotations are rendered from the King James Version of the Bible. Adapted from Public Domain sources from the Internet as well as public domain publications. Any references, inferences or similarity to any other version or adaption is unintentional. Poetic license is applied to many of the scriptures listed and rewritten here. Any Interpretation used was  to remain as true and literal as the original content states is in the opinion of the author.

No reference to any other work in implied or inferred. As a work of fiction any similarities to persons living or dead is unintentional.

Poems, compositions, pictures, renderings or any other material unless expressly stated by the publisher, is the sole property  of the author and may not be resold or used for profit in any way other than that which is solicited from the author. All rights are secured. Usage without express permission is prohibited. Any reference or similarity to any publication or print is by sheer coincidence and is not to be construed as from any other source than public domains listed and provided by the internet and public free usage rights. Similarity to any other publication is unintentional.

A Christian Fiction Series © Publication

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Christian Fiction Series “The Author Fully Expects to Live”

Is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.

Cover Design by Michael J. Stone

Published in conjunction with Poor Christians Almanac, Inc.

ISBN 978-0-615-20483-3

Library of Congress Number Pending

Printed in the United States of America

                             All Twelve by Twenty twelve

This is a Series of Twelve (12) books that are written about people; Written about you and me. It is a fiction therefore it has elements that are added to facts, but no apology is given if in fact this fiction becomes reality.

By cliché, by innuendo, through fiction and in humor, by the tragic that faces us all everyday and by the sublime whereby we find success at times in our failure, this is your story. It is mine. A story of love and laughter, faith and fear, hope and despair, but overall it is an accomplishing story. One that can’t help but leave you affected. Affected by the realization, there is hope for the future. Because He lives.

It will accomplish to tell a story about the Bible. It seeks to reveal Heroes of the Bible, Roman myths and Greek Legends, Lost Ancient Civilizations, multiple religions and possibly pagan ideas for what they are. It tells of many religious ideas once thought true and many more dogmas, doctrines, theologies and perceptions of religions all who might have a piece of a greater puzzle than they ever dreamed they were a part of. A puzzle no one had the complete picture of. God has revealed Himself, we only see in part.

What piece are you? How do you fit in the grand scale of things? Is there a Great Picture being assembled where you are a piece of puzzle where you just as you are you fit? Can Christianity really answer all the contradictions without leaving one piece out? In this story, you do.

          This is Fiction, of course it fits.

One Thousand Years

The Christian Fiction Series

“The Author fully expects to Live”

Few Authors dare to tackle religion.  It is too controversial. Fewer authors dare to tackle subjects in religion that are debatable and subject to interpretation and argument. Fewer still dare to tackle subjects like the End of the World and Doomsday scenarios without being labeled or becoming a crackpot or a kook. One writer thrives on questions like this and says, “Do you really want to know?”

Michael James Stone dares to take on all this and more. He presents a symbiosis of all religious themes and alternative sciences as well as respecting the normative religious expression and writes 12 books proving that all points of view just may be…. A little bit right, and a little bit wrong. But for the individual it could be, just right.

That having been said, he states, read the story, show me where I am wrong.

Drawing on thirty five years as a Born Again Christian, Michael incorporates the sciences of a Chuck Missler, with the Historical background techniques of a Ellen Gundersen Traylor, blending in the philosophical point of view of a Francis Schaeffer and weaves a story like a Sholem Asch or a C.S.Lewis. He relates Church History like it is his own, personifies ancient culture into his writings as if he had been there, and presents a picture with puzzle pieces that all seem to fit. You decide. He expects to live it, Do you?

Meant to be an Epic Saga along the lines of a John Jakes novel series about History; past, present and future, Michael could have stayed safe presenting a story line like the ever popular “Last Days” Series. Instead Michael hits “pet ideas and concepts about the End of the World and the Millennium like a train wreck. Addressing in each novel certain aspects of people, cultures and ideologies, Michael doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone and writes on all aspects of the Human Condition, faith and religion while remaining true the core: Man and God.

The people in his novels are real. They love, laugh, bleed and have feelings. They succeed, fail, doubt and discover.  As He says, he knows them. He meets these people every day. They are the everyday people who are you and I.

In one description of a flashback to the Tribulation Period, it reads like a Stephen King novel. In another scene the Twilight Zone feels alive and well in his depictions. Contemporary to the times, he depicts the fall of man in flashback, while revealing a World no one expected to be like this, or prepared for.  Young and old fascinated with the ethereal surreal and gothic will have no stranger in one of Michael’s scenes. Nor will the wonder and splendor of this New World be lost upon the reader. Love is found. Ancient riddles solved, people discover and recover living as it was “meant to be.”

Through it all somehow Michael presents life and living as he states we most likely will encounter, ready or not. He renders a vision of Jesus some will recognize and others will hope in, and few will rediscover as a lover and friend. Most will hope that this is Who Jesus Is. Michael says it is.

Like He writes in his Novels, Michael may be a little bit right and a little bit wrong but none of the novels he writes will ever be called boring.

One Thousand Years

The Christian Fiction Series

“The Author fully expects to Live”

The first book in order of time line of One Thousand Years: the Series is a prequel. It should be read after Book One: Genesage.

Prequel: JOBAGE predates Book One and describes in collections of short stories and eye witness accounts the early years of the Survivors. From before the Rapture to during the Tribulation. Some of the Main Characters of the Series are revealed for the first time.  Many of the events leading up to the beginning of The Kingdom is  described.. Jobage ends with a Heavenly Court Room scene where Lucifer stands trial and a surprise verdict is rendered.., against Humanity. 

Jobage: “Our Father in Heaven, Holy is your Name”, ends with Satan bound in the Valley of Damnation in the Mariana Trench where the Pit is open.

Book One: Genesage takes place roughly sixty-nine years into the Kingdom of God on Earth and life is described as Eden like as the Main Characters of the Series are introduced and many unique qualities of Creation described for the first time. Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Earth Kingdom, Spirit Kingdom, Man Kingdom, seven “kinds” of creation is revealed.

Genesage: “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will Be Done”, ends with the Sun reappearing from the sixty-nine year cloud cover for the first time and the Survivors of Humanity given the option to stay in Israel, or go out into the rest of the World and form “new nations”.

Book Two: Exodage goes forth with all of the twelve main characters leaving for various reasons the Land of Blessing for the vast empty wastes of the land mass called Earth. It is without oceans and all continents joined as one. It is a time of discovery and recovery for each one who has survived so far. For a few it is the birth of nations, others the burying of memories.

Exodage: “On Earth….,” closes with two people visiting the Valley of the Damned and a conversation with a person in Hell.

 Book Three: Levitage returns to the “Land as Promised” and details the Celebrations and Way of Life as it is enjoyed by those who have remained close to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The “Cities for the Refugees” are highlighted, the “Three Great Feasts” and Stories are retold by biblical legends Enoch, Paul, an insight into Jesus, a ‘sneak peak’ into the future, and Earth Lore is revealed.

Levitage: “Give us….,” closes with news that Jesus will Go forth into the World and visit the ‘New Nation.

Book Four: JOSHUAGE reveals the next generation of people born into the Kingdom and the relationships between nations and peoples. Population centers have grown and some have thrived while others struggle with identity crisis. Alliance between ManKin and EarthKin forms an unusual symbiosis leading to a synergetic technology. Meanwhile a “religion of redemption” has sprung up in one of the Seven Nations and the Survivor Party switches its base to a “church”.

Joshuage:” Forgive us….,”ends with the destruction of Babylonallah and the salvation of Imshallah.

Book Five: JUDAGE opens with the opposite extremes. The Council of Nations seeks to adjust to the judgment of God rendered on the “apostate” city and inhabitants. The Council of Righteousness discusses ways to educate and prepare for the next generation of Followers. The History of the World is read for the first time. Many of the Main Characters show up for the funeral of one of the Early Pioneers, Thomas Peter.

Judage: “We forgive..,” ends with a surprise visitor to the funeral.

         One Thousand Years

The Christian Fiction Series

“The Author fully expects to Live”

Book Six: Rutage describes the great love between the new “believers” and the new “followers” as they seek to find balance between passion, purpose, family and friends. Eben returns and a few of the Original Twelve meet to surprise him. Weddings and children highlight the Land and the People as both discover there is more to love than gratification and the land itself has its own surprises.

Rutage: Lead us…, ends with a surprise “birth”.

 Book Seven: KINAGE unveils the “New Order” and assigned role of leadership in the Nations. The Seven Nations all decree a lesser King to rule them. The Twelve Tribes of the Sons of Esau form an allied national unity. The Great Ocean is finally restored, and the Levitagers begin the New Oceanic Initiative.

Kinage: “Deliver us….,” ends with Messiah declaring the EarthKin shall separate the One Land,

One Continent into Seven Islands.

Book Eight: Estage, details the “children” of Eben as they seek to adjust to their heritage and their destiny. Eben questions his choices and responsibilities. Jesus seals Jerusalem for Forty Days. The Islands move into their place and a Trumpet Call brings all the “Kins” into a Meeting in Jerusalem with God.

Estage: “Your Kingdom….,” ends with Messiah declaring the “Ending of Days”.

 Book Nine: PSALMAGE sings into existence and songs of formulation of the Sevens Lands existing from the Seven Islands as the Earthkin declare in Song the moving of the Continents and the Songs of Creation. ManKin Council of Nations is convened for the last time, AnimalKin and ManKin renew an unsteady communication as King of the Sea AnimalKin is revealed and a new aspect of GodKin revealed.

Psalmage: “Your Power….,” ends with the Moon restored.

Book Ten: Provage opens the Book of Man as written by the Nations. Solomon visits all the cities of man. Oceanic is restored and the Ocean is complete. The Seven Kings and The Seven Nations declare each independent of the other. Population pressures call for National solutions. Knowledge begins to fade and life revolves around a “new” entertainment.

Provage: “Your Glory….,” ends with ascension of Messiah into Heaven.

The Ten Books with a Prequel ends here with the Son of God ascending into the Heavens and Satan walking out of the Oceans to the First Nation Americanite. The Story of ManKind, yet to be 

            ended in salvation or damnation, picks up in a Circumquel called;

Circumquel: Revage reveals Messiah has ascended and Nothing is heard from Jerusalem as Lucifer walks out of the Ocean and into Americanite. As word spreads the people gather for a World Conference. Eben returns with many of the Original Twelve with their families.

Revage: ”Forever and Ever” ends with Messiah revealing Himself in the midst of His People.


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The WeekEnder: Rapture Ready News

17 Jan 10

Report: Contactless payment could wipe out chip and PIN
Contactless payment could someday replace chip and PIN cards altogether, according to David Birch of Consult Hyperion, a private consultancy based in the UK, told the Times that the increasing popularity of contactless payment could mean the eventual end of chip and PIN debit cards, just as the popularity of debit cards phased out personal checks in the last century. Birch cites the flexibility of contactless payment, which can be incorporated into watches, phones, and even hats, makes it more appropriate for the “connected world of the future.”  

Iran says its "nuclear rights" must be recognised
Major powers will only achieve results in their meetings on Iran if they adopt a "realistic approach" and recognize its nuclear rights, the Islamic Republic's Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Sunday. Ramin Mehmanparast made the comment a day after the six powers met to discuss prospects of further sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, with participants saying China made clear it opposed more punitive action at the moment.-China's virtual snub of the meeting dismayed the four Western powers in the group. They had hoped to reach an agreement on whether to begin drafting a new UN Security Council resolution on a fourth round of sanctions against Iran.  

Abbas urges 'endgame' if Israel does not halt settlements
Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas urged Washington on Sunday to declare an "endgame" to resolve the decades-old Middle East conflict if Israel does not agree to halt settlement growth. Abbas said in a statement carried by the official Wafa wire service that Arab states and the Palestinians would present a unified position to the United States offering two options. "Either Israel adheres to a complete halt to settlements and the guidelines (of negotiations) or America must come and say this is the endgame with respect to determining borders and the refugee issue and other final status issues."  

Kim Jong Il Calls for Stronger N. Korea Army
South Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Il said his country must bolster its armed forces, state media reported Sunday, two days after his regime warned it would launch a war against South Korea if necessary. Kim's all-powerful National Defense Commission had threatened Friday to initiate a sacred "retaliatory battle" against the South in anger over its reported contingency plan to cope with potential unrest in the communist country.  

After Rocky First Year, Geithner Faces Another Test in AIG Bailout Hearing
Timothy Geithner's tenure as Treasury secretary got off to a rocky start, to say the least. There was the revelation during his Senate confirmation last year that he once failed to pay taxes. There were the questions surrounding his role at Freddie Mac during an accounting scandal. And later, there were the calls from some lawmakers for his resignation for what they deemed as a poor response to the U.S. economic crisis. Now Geithner is back in the hot seat, for bailout decisions he made about AIG while he was head of the New York Federal Reserve -- and it has created a firestorm that some critics hope will mark the end of his tenure.  

Dems Weigh Other Options for Passing Health Care if GOP Wins Kennedy's Seat
Chris Van Hollen, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, told Bloomberg this week that Democrats are still considering reconciliation, a tactic that forbids filibusters and allow bills to pass with just 51 votes, or a simple majority. Democrats on Capitol Hill are dusting off the so-called "nuclear option," the latest sign that their health care push could be derailed by a Republican win in Tuesday's surprisingly competitive special election for Massachusetts senator.  

Iraq urges U.S. to give back Iraqi Jewish Archive
It was seized from Jewish families and wound up soaking in sewage water in the basement of a secret police building. Rescued from the chaos that engulfed Baghdad as Saddam Hussein was toppled, it now sits in safekeeping in an office near Washington, D.C. Like this country's once great Jewish community, the Iraqi Jewish Archive of books, manuscripts, records and other materials has gone through turbulent times. Now another twist may be in store: Iraq wants it back.  

Pope Benedict XVI prepares to visit Rome synagogue
Pope Benedict is due to make an historic visit to Rome's synagogue - only the second time a Pope has made such a trip. Pope Benedict's visit is aimed at cementing sometimes fractious relations between Catholicism and Judaism. But it comes amid controversy over Pope Benedict XVI's plans to turn his wartime predecessor into a saint.  

Extent of Haiti destruction clear
First reports from the epicentre of Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti suggest the damage is even more dramatic than in the capital, BBC correspondents say. They say the scene in Leogane, west of Port-au-Prince, is "apocalyptic", with thousands left homeless and almost every building destroyed.  

Anti-Israel exhibit in Scottish Parliament
Remarks left in a comments book in the Scottish Parliament calling for Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth have been condemned in a motion sponsored by a member of the Scottish Parliament and set to be debated in the parliament. Written in a comments book attached to an exhibition titled "Gaza Now" - and appearing alongside an array of messages of support for the Palestinian people - the comment, written by someone named "Raza from Glasgow," said, "Israel must be (and will be inshallah) wiped off from the Earth!"  

Marines exit Iraq in first wave of US forces out
The base loudspeaker no longer wakes them up with calls for blood donors; armored trucks sit idle in neat rows. The US Marines who stood at some of the bloodiest turning points of the Iraq war are packing up and leaving. Among the first troops to invade in March 2003, and the first to help turn enemy insurgents into allies, the Marines will be the first major wave of American forces to go as the US military begins a withdrawal to be completed by the end of next year.  

Hizbullah: Arab leaders buckling to US
The leader of Lebanon's Hizbullah accused Arab leaders Saturday of caving in to US pressure to bring the Palestinians back to peace talks with Israel. Sheik Hassan Nasrallah made the statement after meeting Friday with the political leader of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.  

Iran: Failure of 6-power talks 'natural'
The failure of diplomats from six key powers to reach an agreement on possible new sanctions against Iran was only "natural," Teheran said Sunday. Speaking to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mihman-Parast said the six nations' plans and talks over Iran's nuclear program were "doomed to failure as long as they fail to adopt a realistic approach towards the issue by endorsing Iran's rights to peaceful nuclear technology."  

Barak holds talks with Turkish FM in 'very friendly atmosphere'
Defense Minister Ehud Barak met Turkey's foreign and defense ministers on Sunday to try to repair ties between the allies that were further strained last week by a diplomatic row in which Israel was forced to apologize for its treatment of the Turkish ambassador. Barak and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu held a 3 1/2-hour meeting, which an Israeli official said was conducted in a "very friendly atmosphere."  

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