My Cup Runneth over Pt 1 of 3 (The Rapture) Michael James Stone

Returning Soon

My Cup Runneth over Pt 1 of 3

In the midst of my Sorrows

I called upon the Lord

And He Heard Me

And Delivered me From all my Fears.

Jesus is Returning soon as the King of All Presidents, Nations, Tribes, Tongues, Peoples, and Faith. He is Coming to Rule. He is coming as a conqueror. He is coming in such a way that every eye shall see him and every ear shall hear his voice.  Every tongue will indeed confess that Jesus Christ Is Lord.

To the Glory of God Almighty, you yourself, and I, shall bend a knee and say that.

There is no exception. In that day, there will be no excuses or even thought to give one. Some will do it out of fear, some love, some terror, some because they have no option.

Satan and all Angels in Heaven above and below shall do so.

In that Day, there shall be Peace of Earth God’s Will toward Man

But not till that day,

Jesus came as a Man acquainted with grief. A man of sorrows. A man rejected, a failure to his people. A person seemingly destined for ignominy and shame. But something happened. Something unique, something unusual. Though rising from the dead was phenomenal, it was not uncommon, it had happened before.

Jesus asked the Father to send the Holy Spirit, and He did. Jesus sent to us another comforter, He sent the Spirit of God to us, that we should be children of God. If you have the Holy Spirit in you, you are a child of God. As a child of God, you follow Jesus Christ as Jesus followed the Father of All.

That is all there is.

Christianity as a religion only gets you ready to follow Jesus. It prepares you for the day you choose to follow Jesus as Lord. Not savior, but Lord. Not “good buddy” or savior of the world, that part is still coming in “completeness”. While Jesus may have saved you from your sins, he set you free so you could choose “whom you will serve”. Who do you serve?

You had no choice, when born into the world and the world of sin as you were born of your mother. Yet when you were born of the Spirit, you were given a choice, the ability for the first time in your life, to choose between Good and Evil. The choice to follow God, or not. The decision to make Jesus Lord of your Life, or for you to be lord of your decision making process. It really is your choice.

You choose what you will do and How you will live.

But Jesus intended for you to Live Forever. God the Father designed you in such a way that you would one day find the World is passing away and all of its joys, toys, boys, girls, lusts, and sin. All of it passing away,  and you are not. You were made for better things. You were created for God Himself. You were designed to pass thru this world learning and living your life to determine a choice that would forever affect the destiny of yourself and those around you. You would make a choice to affect the World and the people in it for God, or be a defect from creation and eventually be cast away not fulfilling your destiny as a child of God. You get to choose the way you live. You could live for God, or without Him. Jesus died to give you that freedom to choose.

Jesus went to Heaven saying it was better for us if he left because he would send the Holy Spirit to us. If we had the Holy Spirit in us, we would have the same power Jesus had, the same ability to talk to God Jesus has, and the Holy Spirit would teach, guide, lead us, inspire us, change us. Jesus said we were all created as vessels or cups. Cups to be filled up with. Cups full of what you put in. God designs cups as for wrath and for honor. Who you are and what you are is determined by what and how you fill your life with.

Are you filled with rage, violence, anger, wrath, revenge, malice, hate, jealousy, division? No offense, you are going to hell. I suggest you empty you empty your cup and start over. Fill your life with the Holy Spirit and one thing will push all that junk in your life out. Only one think can float all the others "stuff” out and have it overflow out your life and far from you.

We call it agape, but Jesus says it is love. You can only get it from Him, which is why we call it agape. It is from the Holy Spirit of God. It is why Jesus left so we could be filled, like He was, with Love.

The Disciples were religious before God gave His Spirit to them, and they were able to do many mighty things, but they lacked the ability to follow thru, even as Jesus did, unto death. Death of his flesh but not of His Spirit.  As the Holy Spirit was used to raise Jesus from the dead. Jesus, who had become fully human so we could be as dependent on the Spirit of God, as He was while living on earth, gave us an example to be like him. No Superman or SuperWoman, not holy or righteous, but completely and solely dependent upon God each and every day of our life on Earth. Just as Jesus was, just as you are.

You are as dependent.

When the Holy Spirit leaves, and he will, you will be lessened. The Holy Spirit will eventually go back to Heaven where he came from. God sent Him and God will call Him back.

When He does will you go too?

I hope so, because all hell will break loose. The bible says only God knows who is saved and who is not, and no one knows who is “worthy to be spared” all these things that are coming on the earth. Jesus said to pray you be counted worthy. I join that prayer for you. I pray you are worthy and you choose today to be spared what will come upon the earth because it will be a time like no other, nor will there ever be a time like it again. I hope you pray I be spared.

Jesus was concerned enough about it, to offer us a way to escape. Even as God says there will be times, temptations, and events that are greater than we can handle, but when those occur, He offers a way to escape that we can handle it by escaping it. He reveals it to us by His Spirit and his Word. He Promised us this. Some forget that there is a time to “take the way to escape” that we could bear it. This way of escape is also a choice. The choice to escape the "end of the world" or "Great Tribulation" we call it the Rapture, but it is in fact when the Holy Spirit is removed from the Earth.

The Holy Spirit in the World, the Holy Spirit in the Church, the Holy Spirit in You and me, is the only force for good in the World today. He is the only force stopping the evil we cannot see, and the evil we can, from taking over the World. Evil exists and the Holy Spirit restrains it, for now.

When the Holy Spirit is removed, you will see Evil unrestrained.

When the Holy Spirit is removed, when God calls the Holy Spirit back to heaven,  we like to say all Christians go to Heaven in this “snatching away” of the church. We say that assuming that all those who call themselves Christians are Christians, and are in fact “little Christ’s” or “little examples of Jesus”.

Are you? Am I?

Some say if you are concerned, then you are,

if you are not concerned, you should be.

The reality is many are called Christian, but few are chosen. Only God gets to choose who are chosen. Everyone is called. Everyone. Since He loves the World so much He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. We know Everyone “should not perish”, they “should have” everlasting life. Many are called, few are chosen.

You know you are chosen. The Holy Spirit lets you know. He leads you, He guides you, He teaches you, He fills you. He does all that Jesus said he would do even causing you to remember what Jesus said. That is Why the Holy Spirit was sent to you. He has other purposes but for you, it was to “fill your cup” with Love, Joy and Peace.

Is your cup full?

What you are filled with is determined by your choices.

Others can see what you are filled with,

Do they see you as you do?

Jesus said Pray you be counted Worthy to be spared all these things that are about to come upon the world. These “things” you are seeing in the world today, are the precursor, or preparation of “all these things” he warned about. He said it would be a “beginning of the end” but not the end. He said exactly what the “end of this age” would be like. He doesn’t want you to be here when it happens. He even warned women who were pregnant or having had children how bad it would be. He would rather you choose “a way to escape” all these things that are about to come to pass.

Are you praying to be counted worthy to be spared? Do you think worthiness is about “being good” “doing good” or “acting godly”? Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour the Son of Man will return. It is pretty obvious when the King of Kings will return, but the Man acquainted with sorrows, the personal and tender Jesus you know and trusted as savior; no one knows the Day or the Hour He will return, but he told his some to watch and be ready for when He does.

Are you watching? Are you ready?

When I taste the cup of the Lord,

I taste and see that the Lord He is good.

If the Lord today were to taste the Cup of Your life,

What will he taste and see?

Michael James Stone

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