One Thousand Years: Genesage "Two's Company" (Chapter 10:12)

One Thousand Years


“Two’s Company"

(Chapter 10:12)

Just then Caleb walked up.

He saw the two of them together. He stopped for a few minutes watching and realized this was soon to become more private than a casual peck on the cheek.  He turned  nearly running over Rachaelvivor who had been watching from a far.

She had timed coming up on Caleb, so that when he turned, being distracted he didn't hear her. She literally ran into her. He bumped her hard, nearly knocking her over but catching her before she fell.

Some would have said Rachaelvivor planned this.

Some would have been right.

Rachaelvivor looked flushed as she said,

"I don't think they want to be interrupted".

Looking back Ezravivor turned away from her as he also was blushing said,

"No, I don't think they do."

Feeling odd he didn’t know what to say or do, this was “new” to him. It was almost like finding his parents “kissing” or talking about the “old days” in ways Ezravivor was sure He did not want to know.

None of the “new born” in the Kingdom had a clue about guilt.

He dutifully excused himself apologizing to Rachaelvivor. 

Rachael coyly commented it was her fault really and she was sorry.

Caleb blushed again for a moment fumbling for words not quite sure what to say. With so much happening today he was at a loss for the moment so he stood quiet.

Rachaelvivor did the same but being shorter than Caleb, standing close, she lowered her head slightly to look up at him.  Arching she eyebrows up to see him the very blue of her eyes with the innocence of expression unnerved Caleb.

He felt uncomfortable and he wasn't sure why.

Having had a very strange day, he was willing to attribute it to learning new experiences. Time seemed an eternity but really only a few minutes passed before anyone spoke. They just both stood there. Caleb looking down, Rachaelvivor looking up.

Caleb was sweating now.

Rachaelvivor asked Caleb if he minded walking her back to Bethleben. It wasn't far but a good walk none the less. Caleb who had already been having a confusing evening actually thought he might like to talk to her. He wanted to talk about some things that were on his mind.

So much was happening around him now and so fast.

Obviously some more than others. Today his world had certainly turned upside down. Rachaelvivor…, as he looked down into her blue eyes so clear, deep, he thought..,

She might be a good one to listen.

Caleb started to ask a question at the exact moment Rachaelvivor started to speak.

Neither got the words out. Each tried to tell the other to go ahead. Again the timing was perfect. Laughing Caleb released his stress with Rachaelvivor beaming one of her frequent smiles.

They started to talk as they both walked off back towards Bethleben.

At that moment Delilah and Ezravivor broke their heavy kissing hearing the laughter.

They saw the two of them, Caleb and Rachaelvivor walking away.  Standing arm in arm soaked to the skin, flushed in mutual attraction, they looked at the two others walking away.

Then looking at each other they started laughing.

Arm in arms they walked out of the water and headed for home walking slowly…,

And walking as young lovers often do.

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