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05 Apr 10

Putin: Russian arms to Venezuela may be worth $5B
Arms exports to Venezuela may reach as much as $5 billion, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Monday, a few days after he traveled to the country. Putin visited Venezuela late last week to meet with President Hugo Chavez and pledged to sell more weapons to the country but gave no concrete figures. "Our delegation has just returned from Venezuela, and the total volume of orders may exceed $5 billion," Putin said in televised remarks. video link Putin/Chavez Meet-  

Shooting & Mayhem Near Times Square
Several shootings early Monday morning near Times Square left four people injured and dozens under arrest. Witnesses said groups of youths were running wild in the area. Police say three of the shooting victims were young women. None of the injuries is life threatening. More than 50 people were arrested near West 34th Street and 7th Avenue between midnight and 2 a.m.  

Interfaith Movement Gains New Strength
When FaithHouse Manhattan has its twice-monthly interfaith gatherings, the guest list is a carnival of religious belief and creed. An Islamic Sufi dervish greets you at the door, but the program director, an Episcopalian, makes the announcements. A rabbi, a female Muslim and a Seventh-day Adventist share leadership of the meeting. -In a world in which sectarian divisions fuel some of the most violent and dangerous confrontations, the interfaith movement — once thought as irrelevant — has emerged as a force in American religion like never before.  

Congressman: 'I don't worry about the Constitution'
The comment came in a heated exchange recorded recently between Rep. Phil Hare, D-Ill., and constituents.  

Cardinal tells Pope Benedict XVI not to be distracted by 'petty gossip'
In the Easter Sunday Mass which preceded the Pope's "Urbi et Orbi" message, the dean of the College of Cardinals, told him: "The people of God are with you and do not allow themselves to be impressed by the petty gossip of the moment."  

Obama Approval Index Month-by-Month
That leads to a Presidential Approval Index rating of -15.  

Janet Napolitano Lied, Rob Krentz Died
Rancher Rob Krentz spent his life working on his 35,000-acre cattle ranch by the border with Mexico in Cochise County, Ariz. His family had owned the ranch since 1907. He died there last weekend, he and his dog shot by an illegal alien that he was trying to help. The Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association immediately posted a $15,000 reward.  

Strong quake shakes cities around U.S.-Mexico border
Roads were torn up, buildings cracked and electricity posts toppled on Monday after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook cities in northern Mexico and Southern California, but few casualties were reported.  

Police to Temple Mount Activist: Psychiatrist Must OK Your Entry
Yehuda Glick, who has been waging for years a personal and public struggle to guarantee Jewish access to the site of the Holy Temple, was told by the site's police commander that he has decided that Glick must undergo psychiatric treatment before being allowed to enter the site.  

Ex-NY Mayor Koch: Obama Anti-Israel ‘In Order to Please Muslims’
U.S. President Barack Obama is anti-Israel and “is willing to throw Israel under the bus in order to please Muslim nations," former New York City Mayor Ed Koch charged.  

Magnitude-7.2 quake strikes Baja California
Damage reports from the U.S.-Mexico border region are growing after a magnitude-7.2 earthquake in Baja California that was felt from Tijuana and Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Phoenix.  

Battle royal brews as liberal US justice signals departure
The leading liberal on the US Supreme Court dropped more hints Sunday about his imminent departure, which has the White House bracing for a tricky confirmation battle as early as this summer.  

NATO admits Afghan civilian deaths in night raid
The NATO-led force in Afghanistan acknowledged on Sunday it had killed five Afghan civilians, including three women, during a botched night raid on a home in the southeast of the country in February.  

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