Why Me Lord? "Bloggin the End of Days" In honor of Rapture Ready.

There are many Web Sites and many “prophecy scholars” but it seems to me there are few Men of God who stand for the Word of God as “he leads them”. Todd I have never met, from RaptureReady, but I have admired his site, and his dedication.

I suspect, He is a Man of God.

In my Opinion, He is sound, scriptural and “meant to be” a beacon, or a “lamp” on the Internet when so few others I see are.

As a Witness to his integrity, I saw him ask for funds to handle a software issue. He said it humbly, asked for what was needed. And in no way or time did anyone feel “pressured or “gimmicked” into donating. He received and stopped the request. He was forthright, and fair. Genuine and accountable.

Soon afterwards Bible Prophecy Today pulled a stunt of, if you pay for it, I will post, if not, I won’t. Another one of those, If You want me in the Ministry Routines, I have to have so much money to pay for…..(GIVE ME A BREAK)  They got their money, God help them because as long as there are free ministries out and about, If God chooses Not To Use them, I will not be surprised.

They have become less prophetic news and more political without a reason to be there.

I pray for them, I hope they find their way, I hope it’s not just to get “Adwords Advertising” dollars. Only God knows.

I know all those “minsiterial” gimmicks because I have worked in Church Admin, as well as Humanitarian Aid Orgs. I have seen the abuses, as well as the “legal”means, but for me, unethical ways Christians use and abuse money is too much for me to stand.

If God is God then He can provide, If not, Get out of the Way, I’ll Prove He does.

Rapture Ready, I have no idea who or how funds, but I have seen them long enough to trust them with Finances. And while I promote a lot of Calvary Chapels, that doesn’t mean I agree with funding schemes. I dropped several Calvaries over fecundary duplicity. I personally support Greg Laurie ministry, but I abhor the Beg Mail ministies attempt.

Money is the First Temptation for Web Based Minsitries to fail.

The Second Temptaton is something I might be accountable for, might not, if confronted, I will respond:

That is Division.

Web Sites divide people, when they should promote Jesus and Let the Holy Spirit lead them.

90% of what I see on Rapture Ready is what we used to call “fellowship of the Believer” stuff. They don’t try to divide the Body, but have a clear purpose and agenda that is a little confusing, but basically promotion of the Rapture and materials for that. They are solid to that design.

God bless them.

10 % maybe wanders into the New Age Political Christians Movement, but at 10% it would be asbsurd to hold fault for that.

UNLIKE the current Fad of SLAM AUTHORITY, SLAM THE PRESIDENT, SLAM THE ECONOMY, SLAM THE SINNER that I see in many Prophecy sites today. WND  is famous for being Tabloid Journalism.

They say they are warning about ISLAM or Politics, but the Gospel isn’t about warning and running from fear, but rather revelation of the fact I Have an answer to all Issues, Problems and Politics, Hes’ called Jesus and He is Personal and He is Real and He is not a Fundamentalist Christian but He is the Son of God.

I started 5 new Prophecy sites because I saw the Issues Todd Mentioned in His post, but also for reasons he didn’t even graze the surface of. One is that people need an education of Prophecy and a realization that God does NOT “NEED” your Money or You, but you are allowed to participate with Him and be blessed if you do as He commanded you.

Participate with Him. No offense, you aren’t Needed, God Loves You, but He CAN WORK WITHOUT YOU. You are the one that suffers the loss, not Him.

Which gets me to my point:  WHY ME?  WHY AM I HERE?

The Bottom line is this, when I get involved It is usually because things are getting pretty off track and people won’t say God Speaks or Jesus Said, or Call a Blood sucking Money Minstry a blood sucking money minstry.

I come along and point to Jesus. That is My Point.


Of course if you are a believer I should be able to ask you, What Did Jesus Tell You to Do Today, and you can tell me.

That is Why it’s me here. Jesus told me to do this. So I do.

Roughly ten to twelve hours a day, seven days a week.

And no donations, no “pay me’s” no kickbacks of any kind.

(I hope after Giving Away my Novel Genesage I can post a donation link after everyone reads it)

If Jesus says Yes, I will, if Not, I won’t and still post Volume Two “Exodage”

There are a few “free minsitries” I would like to send anonymous money to but so far I have to wait.

If I get to post the link I will “pass on” funds to those “I know” are free and effective.

I suspect Todd does what he does because of God.

I only know the other Authors I see I can identify which do have a personal relationship with Jesus, but also have added so much more, I wonder if they know where they are.

We all go astray at times, and frankly Bible Prophecy in these Last Days of  Web Minstry has become a Mind Field of Distractions and Religion. Most are leaving their First Love Far Far Behind Them

It is “meant to be” this way so some of us, Like me, can do what we do in contradiction to Paid ministry.

All that is here is free and designed to point you to Jesus.

Once you know Him,

He can Lead you.

And yes, If he told me to do something else

I would

After all I am the Jesus Gypsy


God Bless your mess that is You.






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