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The Days were Filled with Guns and Wars

By Ron Graham


“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” Matthew 24:6. Just as Jesus told us, the last days would be filled with wars and rumors of wars and they are. No one can dispute that prophecy. Most nations now days have some very impressive armaments and most are fully into saber rattling. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that one or more of these nations “psychotic leaders” will launch their nukes one day very soon?


In the verse above, Jesus was speaking to four of His disciples and was unfolding for them and us the events leading up to earth’s final days. Wars and rumors of wars were something we would hear of but the end wouldn’t be just yet. Some look at these rumors as non-events in our day, but not long ago it would have been impossible to hear of the current saber rattling on a worldwide scale. Now we hear about it daily and instantaneously.


“For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.” Matthew 24:7- 8. Jesus goes on to explain that there are other signs to watch for that would occur on planet earth before His return. Mankind has witnessed these signs Jesus spoke of for quite some time now but they are increasing in frequency and intensity just like the labor pains that come upon a pregnant woman immediately preceding delivery As a matter of fact some might say she’s overdue.


Every day brings about more fears as to who will push that proverbial button, and launch their nukes first. How much longer before the end? Folks the end is in sight. To be sure, everything is winding down to that day of deliverance. Even though we see signs that indicate nukes will be launched in the near future there are many other events Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24 of which people would become acutely aware of during the last few years on planet earth.


Although Jesus is speaking to His Jewish disciples, He’s also addressing the people who aren’t believers at the time of the Rapture, which means Jews and Gentiles alike. Those left after the Rapture will be horribly and adversely affected by all those things Jesus spoke about. Imagine if you will, earthquakes much more devastating than they are now. Hundreds of earthquakes are currently running in the power range of 5 to 6 on the Richter scale and occasionally (but not often) they hit the 7 to 8 range. But how often do the earthquakes push to 9.0 or above on the Richter scale? Think of the devastation on planet earth if they were all 9.0 or better. The United States Geological Survey, or USGS, has tracked hundreds of earthquakes and aftershocks from the recent quake in Chile. What damage would have occurred on planet earth if those quakes had all been at the 9.0 range? What if they were occurring simultaneously all over the planet (in diverse places)? There would be no place on planet earth where one could hide from the devastation.


Jesus also speaks about pestilences. What about infectious diseases more widespread than what we currently experience or have ever experienced in the history of mankind. A disheartening news report recently spoke of tuberculosis coming back with a vengeance and being completely immune to any drug used previously to contain its spread. Imagine pestilences spreading like wildfire with no hope of any cure or vaccine ever being developed let alone distributed. And as in the case of the earthquakes there would be no place on planet earth where people could go and avoid the suffering.


Famines of course are terrible and devastating, claiming many lives and we’ve certainly seen the occurrence of such over recent years in various nations around the globe. But just as devastating would not only be those famines of food and water, but famines of God’s word. Just imagine if you will, the Bible, as we know it, being taken out of circulation in every country. How could such a thing happen, you might ask? Here’s something currently being advanced in today’s culture. I read recently about new Bibles being designed and promoted that will change God’s word to read completely politically correct. Just one example of this change is that the book of Revelation will be eliminated all together. Think of it, the inerrant word of God as we now know it gone, taken away. All that would be left is a horribly watered down contrivance of the original document with no Gospel message and no power at all to change lives.


Nation against nation. Could this mean the internal strife among people of the same nation, now that’s something we could conceivably see taking place in the not so distant future even here in the US. There is currently a ground swell of a revolutionary mindset exploding upon the scene and if we aren’t careful it could lead us into a second civil war. Conceivably, many more people would die this time around if this were to come about. The numbers would make the Haitian earthquake pale in comparison.


Along with Jesus’ Church the whole world is currently experiencing the beginnings of sorrows. Much of the evil things currently being promoted on this planet are aimed specifically at harming Christ’s Church. Evil prevails in every venue and it’s impossible to be unaffected by its continual appearance on the scene. Please be aware, if you are like me and you stand firm on God’s inerrant and literal word you will soon come under intense persecution even from the brethren.


We’re seeing so much misery and death currently being openly displayed that many people have begun to do the only thing they seem capable of doing to protect themselves against the depravity encircling the globe. They build walls around their lives so that the prevailing climate of evil and hatred will not penetrate their world. These walls they build will grow calluses on their hearts and cover over any remaining love for their fellow man. Then they sit back and wait for better times to materialize.


Here’s a news flash. Better times aren’t going to materialize until Jesus returns. This world is only going to experience further inclinations towards depravity. The second law of thermodynamics which is referred to in the scientific community as entropy teaches us that truth. Entropy is explained in laymen’s terms as a process of moving from order to disorder. At one time the human race was supernaturally ordered. In other words, when God finished His creation there was no occurrence of entropy. But since the introduction of sin into God’s economy and the subsequent curse and fall, the enemy of mankind has been hard at work ensuring entropy runs its full course. This world is becoming more disordered and thus depraved every day. This scenario, which included the introduction of entropy into God’s creation, is exactly what Satan had dreamed of accomplishing since he introduced Eve to his most famous lies way back in the Garden of Eden.


All the warnings which Jesus gave to His disciples in Matthew 24 are coming about now. Nations are mostly run by men who for the most part have cold and deceitful hearts. This influx of entropy is the catalyst the enemy uses in turning men’s hearts away from God and His love and toward depravity.


Men have been going forth conquering and to conquer for thousands of years. What’s new about this day and age is that in these end times we’re experiencing, many nations (being run by men with very depraved hearts) standing on the precipice of destroying earth with the idea that with their big guns they can rule supreme over the entire world.


Wickedness abounds and there’s no hiding a wicked heart which is bent on destroying others. We see it from nations such as North Korea and Iran to name just two. These two dominate the headlines these days because they are both governed by rogue and satanically controlled men. Both men seem to be chomping at the bit to destroy other nations. North Korea wants to destroy the US. Iran wants to destroy Israel and the US. Both have very big guns and both nations are run by men who are psychotic.


Can we, the rest of humanity, expect one of these men to go to the extreme and push that fatal button? Analysts say “It’s just a matter of time”. I read a report recently in which the writer claimed that we could expect something catastrophic within the next three months. With all the saber rattling currently being witnessed today, he may be right.


Here in the US the man who claims the title of commander in chief (not capitalized because it’s his claim not mine) is currently scaling back on our military and our big guns to appease our enemies. Let’s see if we can understand his strategy. We have had years of relative peaceful co-existence with all those who would like to see us either destroyed or conquered. But now, in the name of peace, we will drop our guard for that of a greater unified cooperation. All the while the two rogue nations mentioned above are thoroughly arming themselves as we disarm. Our other enemies, such as Russia and China, are also arming themselves to the hilt. So we drop our weapons, raise our hands high in the air, and give up in the name of peace? And that will stop our enemies from destroying us or invading our shores and placing us under their control? If that scenario wasn’t so absurd it would be laughable. You can bet our enemies are laughing.  


Neighbors and friends, this psychotic episode in the history of theUS might just be the straw that breaks the back of America. But that really isn’t what this commentary is all about.   (Content edited for Gossip, Slander, False Accusations and non-gospel, non-biblical, attitude and action. In the “Last Days” there would be those who challenge authority….also a “Sign of the Times”)


There will be wars. There will be despots taking advantage of others whenever and wherever possible. All that is currently coming to pass in this world was prophesied in the Bible thousands of years ago. This evil march to the ultimate stage of entropy is biblical. God says it will happen but that He will put an end to all the evil in this world when He returns.


The problem as I see it is there really isn’t much time remaining for us to be about our Father’s business. If Obama is successful in his attempts at change, then the US could very well cease to be a force in spreading the Gospel worldwide. If we continue to allow Obama to have his way we will see the US come to that end. Other nations will follow suit as they always have. The Gospel message could soon become quite rare.


It’s exciting to watch this end game scenario of God’s materialize before our eyes. Just knowing everything God said would happen in the last days is true is encouraging. This generation is incredibly blessed as we are able to watch in amazement and awe the unfolding of major biblical prophecies. And yet it’s more than a little frightening. Why frightening? How many people do you know personally who are currently not believers in Christ? What about those in your immediate family and your close friends you go hunting with who have rejected the truth of the Gospel for years. Perhaps today is the day they well heed the Holy Spirit’s convicting message, and maybe a simple word or two from you will help them see the truth and make a change in their eternal destiny from Hell to Heaven. 


Knowing the time is upon us and that Jesus stands at the door, the door of every heart, the burden on our own saved hearts for our lost relatives and friends should be so great that fear for their lost souls should become the motivating factor in our lives.


No need to sit around fretting about some despot with big guns who is bent on ushering in Armageddon. Instead, let’s toss away that callus covering over our hearts and dig out from that sand hill where we have our heads buried. Let’s stand firm in our faith while we continue to spread the Gospel of Christ throughout all nations while we are able and as we anticipate Jesus’ soon return for His Church. Because these last days are filled with rumors of guns and wars, and someday they will no longer be rumors, but a horrible reality.


God bless you all,


Ron Graham

All scripture is from the KJV 

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