One Thousand Years: Genesage "The Conversation pt 2" (Chapter 9:9)

One Thousand Years


“The Conversation pt 2"

(Chapter 9:9)

"Do you see Rose?

She is creation. You were created. I created them. I created you.  I loved them to. My father in heaven created you. I was there. I and my Father love you. We allowed the full measure of man to complete. God chose salvation for you.  The age of Mankind upon my creation is ending.

This is my Kingdom.

All you see in the Land is mine.

I am Immanuel.

I AM."

Those words were slow but as slow as they came, they were emphatic.

They could not,

not be said.

“You raped creation. Rose was raped by you. You killed her, you tore of her branches. You stole of her life. You rejected what was proffered freely, taking what could have been asked. Had you asked, you would have received.

Ask, you will receive. Take, you will be taken.

You did not ask

You did not thank

You did not bless.

My Lands are Lands of Blessing

Not of the Curse.

Silence. Thomas had no rejection of the words. They were factual.

In the past he might have argued or debated. He might have said the Old World didn’t operate in  this “new way”. But Thomas has seen the World through the “Eyes of God.” He has seen how Jesus reacted to “his creation” as mankind had abused it.

It wasn’t a “greenie issue”.

It was a personal issue to a personal God.

He took it personally….,

In as much as you have done it to the least of my….., brethren?

Was there more to Creation than met the eye?

 He needed no time to think. Fact was being pronounced, not discussed. The words were soft, the tone gentle, but looking in the Eyes of the One who was there at Creation, he saw eyes full of tears.

Wells of tears in those eyes.

Ponds whose reflection in He could see for a moment the Life of the Creatioon God had planted grown and given a name, Rose. It was as though it were his child, a part of Him that died.

He saw How Messiah himself had grown it…,


The tender care the Gardner had taken the soil, affirmed it into his hands, fashioned it with design, forming it with his fingers, blowing upon it. Rubbing the grains together to let fall onto the Land where he was standing in Shiloh.  He had scooped aside a small concave for a seed to be planted. A seed which he covered with the soil, patting, smiling, and blessing his Father for the EarthKind, the Plantkind, the SpiritKind, and a Life that would grow.

Life? Plant Life?

He saw How it had grown from such a little sprout so vulnerable, so alone seemingly, hardly able to push the soil aside. Then to sprout in joy of the “Song of Life”,  the Son of Creation sang.

Jesus sang?

The Song he sang to His Creation. The Song of the Gardner as he tended this Rose. Angelic had joined in. Creation was a song for those who had ears to hear the Rhythm and Melody of Life.

Thomas wanted to think it New Agey but he knew it was Kingdom Ageless. It had been true in the Garden with Adam and the Father, so too it was true now with the Son and the Kingdom. There was SO MUCH MORE than a false worship of nature, this was an understanding of Creation and Creator.

And Thomas was part of that Creation.

What Ancients had deviated of the reality of Creation, Messiah revealed in the Wonder and Mystery of Fulfillment.

He fulfilled all their "ideas" going far beyond their limitations and false assumptions. They had not been ALL wrong. But they had been nowhere near the reality that God is.

God as Creator treated his Creation with Love and Blessing that if man was to live in the Kingdom, He would do so also.

Or as Corruption in the Kingdom,

He would be removed.

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