One Thousand Years: Genesage "Interview with the Author" (Chapter 10 Break)

One Thousand Years


“Interview with the Author"

(Chapter 10 Break)

Interview with the Author

Michael James Stone

Q. In your Book you deal with divorce, rapture, grace, law, cults, well, your topics seem all controversial

               A. Yes. God has an answer for all these subjects. Sometimes I found Pastors and Teachers hee-ing and hawing around the “tough questions” and I wanted my characters to be like you and me. I wanted them to ask Why? And What and How come?

Q. You seem to like that.

            A. I have said all along, you can call my books Christian Fiction but I took the time to propose answers from God that are accurate to scripture.

Q. Do you think you are right?

            A. I know I am. No one debates me on it because they don’t have a specific answer they have na opinionated idea of what the scriptures might be saying. I have been there. Not nice when someone “knows” the “set” answers but can admit that are opinions not facts. They are “vague” answers rather than hard cold facts.

                    Part of the reason for this series is to show that not only are many of our Theological Ideas wrong but that it is ok to be wrong, in order to be right.

Q. What do you mean “be wrong in order to be right.”

            A. God has all of us covered. One way or another, His Will, is greater than Man’s Idea of His Will wo when he presents things contrary to our “ideas” we don’t change God to fit our ideas, we change our ideas to fit God.

 Q. So you think you are the only one right?

         A. Oh no, not at all. In fact I bring out what most people think about and in some small circles might talk about but are too afraid to discuss out in the open.  Because they walk that fine line of being considered “cultic” “pagan” or too controversial.  So they play safe and think about what I write about, but rarely discuss out in the open forum.

                    They are usually afraid of losing “followers” or people who believe in them

Q. Aren’t you afraid of that?

                 A. Nope. I wrote about where I am going and How I fully expect to live. If someone enjoys it for Fiction sake, I am glad. It is a good story. If someone enjoys it for the “ideas” promoted in how all the “pieces” fit together, I am glad also, one day I’ll write a compendium of every scripture I used for every point I made.

          If people read it just to see what Jesus Might Be Like, then I am thrilled.

Because I got Good News for them: He is.

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