One Thousand Years: Genesage "How could it be?" (Chapter 9:10)

One Thousand Years


“How could it be?"

(Chapter 9:10)

Thomas had interrupted the purpose of God.

He stood between what God Planned for Rose and the design Rose was made for.

Thomas was in a place he should not be

But had he in fact Murdered?

Was it Rape?

Is Plantkind, plantkin as serious as that.

Could the Creator have treated his Creation that seriously?

He saw Rose in his minds memory. He saw Rose in the Eyes of Jesus as he gave Rose to Eben. He saw how Eben had responded. All of the emotions he had felt from Rose, all the experiences of living, giving. The distribution of life that rose was as she tainted the air with aroma. How she graced the sky with color. Her décor of  the ground with tenderness.

The “feelings” she gave when she looked at you: purity.

Everything was upside down.

Nothing was like the Old days or Old World.

He would not only have "taken" Rose, he would have bought her on a street corner for monies hardly worth mentioning. She would have been bought and sold cheaply. Mass produced, overstocked, tossed away, castaway rejects....Thomas was about to vomit. By comparison this was night and day. Dark and Light. Good and Evil.

Is this what God had really intended all along?

He felt it in him. He was looking into the Eyes of the Man who created the Rose. He could remember the "WAY", he, Mankind, had not only taken for granted Creation, but acted like were the Creators of it.

As though the World were made for man, not Man to tend the World.

Jesus continued to look at Thomas, man to man, Eye to eye.

This "Kingdom" made no sense, unless it really was HIS kingdom.

Not some installment of the Greatest Story Ever Told: ManKind his ultimate redemption. Rather a realization that ManKind, mankin, was in fact akin to the other "kinds". Man as man was connected.

He wasn't a monkey or an ape, that was AnimalKind, animalkin. They were in fact inter-related, not genetically devolved or evolved species. Specifically Man was man, Animal was Animal, Plant was Plant. Each in his own "Kind".

But Man was responsible for the “actions” of Man and how they related in Creation. How He treated the others “parts” of Creation. How he would one day be accountable to the Creator of his part in the Life and Living in the Will of the Father as God had created all things.

Mankind was accountable.

The light went on in Thomas' eyes even as he realized how guilty he was.

Not only was the Old World Wrong, but it too owed for its wrongness. God came and set HIS kingdom up according to HIS will. His choices, his way, his design, his plan.  

Now that WILL had been violated by He, Thomas.

Old World had invaded the New. Sin had entered into the Kingdom by one man.  In the actions of one of the “old worlder”  Survivors. The New Tribal Council had spoken with Thomas having no immunity in place.

So here he sat with the only one who could save him, the Saviour.

"Did You learn of Law and Forgiveness from this?"

Jesus spoke and startled him from his thought.

A flashback from Rose in his mind He saw her say to Him.

"I forgive you"

Thomas rolled over sick. He vomited, he convulsed, he was miserable with his body, the flesh, reacting. He recognized a scale was adjusted for him. A balance restored by the selfless act of another. He found “the way” so many others had tried to tell him about. The Way of Messiah. The Way of Jesus.

The Ways of the Kingdom of God.

In the great debates he had argued grace vs. law and prevailed upon those Jesus Freaks way back when. He ate them up with their simplistic view of God and LOVE LOVE LOVE.  They weren't so enamored with “Love only” as they grew into the society that bred the politicos and fundamentalist trying to stay true to God, but caught up in corrupt society.

He knew as he thought this while he was vomiting. It was his judgementalism that made him sick.

He knew how to judge, he did not know the Answer, nor how to show mercy. 

Looking into the face of God mutilated, he did not feel like a judge. Vomiting his guts out in front of Jesus He did not feel like he had anything to say at all. Reliving his own life and then living Jesus life also, with Jesus....he was sick.

"Did she condemn you?"

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