One Thousand Years: Genesage "Fullness" (Chp 6:4)

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One Thousand Years



(Chp 6:4)

The light rose.

As it rose higher the light grew brighter. All were immersed for a moment in the nova of a star so great no word like super could affix itself to it.

The very liquidity of its essence belied its dimensionality. This affectation must come from the Highest Heaven to bathe the recipients for a scant few moments in its glory. A glory as only One who had descended from heaven and ascended from Hell could express. The only One who could possess the experience of being God and Man.

As the Only One who could have so infused in his very being the Spirit of God in all fullness complete. Oneness with God. The “Word of God” to proclaim the “Love of God” and show forth the only “One True God” in Himself. He was the actual image of God incarnate.

"The Sun of Righteousness"

The Shechinah, (Shekinah), that glorious light and Spirit faded. Growing less so that the very beings it touched and creation it filled would not become as undone.  A moment in time was more than mortality could endure when dealing with the divine.

No one thing could possess or be a filling of such a rest for the very nature of the Glory of God, the Spirit of God. God as Spirit in being the Holy Spirit must be as boundless as God or Creation would as it had in the Days of Creation explode in response to such majestic splendor. Such is God’s Spirit without measure.

and become reflections of the Nature of God.  As it returned to the Heavens and manifest itself as simply as the Man who was filled with overflowing of it, the Spirit willed Creation to heal the ones it had touched with its light.

"With Healing"

The only one with fullness of the Father and of the Spirit declared that the Will of the Spirit is as the Will of the Father.

The Will of the Father is as the Will of the Son.

Gods will is One.

The One who gave himself for Man Kind. ManKind, still irradiated, still dying, still diseased, still plagued with all manner of affliction of disease; catastrophic mutation and degradation of the body.

God set his seal upon the Work of the Son as in Grace of the Day Mankind was healed.

"I AM"

As the Glory of God rose higher, the Son of God appeared brighter from behind, beneath and all around him as myriads of myriads; thousands upon thousands; of white flapping Wings appeared.

Appeared so full that none could see anything but wings.

Each was an angel it seemed as everywhere you looked in every direction from behind to coming forward and all around Him angels wings flew forward. The Angelic being was human in form and feature. There were other “beings” about that must be angelic also. These appeared as messengers and flew as a swarm coming closer and closer and closer.

The Sight was glorious.




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