One Thousand Years: Genesage "Who?" (Chapter 9:3)

One Thousand Years



(Chapter 9:3)

To the heart the dagger of truth pierced.

To the central core went the very question of evil. How could evil exist?  By its very definition could it be a contradiction to the absolutism of God? or necessary? Was Man a victim of Evil, a participant? Responsible or a pawn? Was there an ultimate good? Could good come of the seeming evil occurring?

Could Man ever be good?, and not have evil present?

Thomas raised his rallying cry for humanity.

Yes!! Yes!! He can. He is inherently good!! Thomas would have yelled had he a voice to speak but this was the life of Jesus not his. 

The Son of God in his thoughts, the Son of Man in his mind, saw the issues more clearly than man could  as one who had been there at creation. As Thomas co-thought the problem of sin with the mind of Christ he realized Man could not absolve his guilt.  Man of himself by himself could not save himself from himself.

He was prone to evil , if not in full measure than certainly sinning , separate from God.

Man could not do good without evil present.

The Son of God knew in that in the very presence of God Himself there was no sin. He knew if the love of God was manifest in one person none would sin. He knew that if the separation from God and the love of God were not present, Man would choose God. He knew that if the contrary nature were not present in man from birth there would be no repelling of opposite character.

Man would not be repelled by God and his holiness which lead to rebelling but choose to be loved and accepted into the Will of God and destiny Mankind was meant to be. If, the nature of man were changed. If Man would choose to have his nature changed. If man has the opportunity to choose….again.

As born into Sin Mankind’s nature must change and he must indeed become more than Man.  More than by his own efforts change who and what he was which was at best external and a superficially a corrupted image of God. His change must become internalized but go even deeper. 

He must become re-created into a creation he did not know nor yet realize.

He must needs repent to the Will of the Father to find the destiny of man.

He must become more than the SpiritKind …, more than the Angelic and the Demonic who had chosen and some fallen.

He must become more than Mankind and not follow into Adamic design which chose to follow Eve.

He must become a new creation.

He must become as the Son of God.

Be the first of many brethren to include this new being more than an angel and more than a man.

More,  but patterned after the Son of Man who is the express image of God incarnate.

Thomas threw himself, or was it Jesus?, upon the stone in the garden and agonized. Since he was the Son of God, God incarnate, surely he could find a Way to absolve mankind of this absolutism and still be infinite in justice, sublime in mercy, compassionate and self-sacrificing in love.

As the Son of Man reasoned his heart was heavy.  Thomas could feel his great disappointment. When he needed his friends most, they could not be there for him. As he had asked for help the great disappointment came upon him when he felt when his friends so close , yet so weak, had fallen asleep.

They had not been able to pray with Him or for him in the garden.

In reliving this with Jesus he heard the whispers too of the Evil One lurking in the shadows of the garden watching. With Jesus he could sense every move that fallen angel made. In Jesus he could feel the absolute wrongness of the nature the highest being of all SpiritKind had been. How high he was but now as corrupted was  brought so low.

So contrary to all Messiah had become in this moment.

He felt the Hour of Darkness coming,  the Prince of darkness building, growing in intensity an onslaught of thoughts and distractions.

Jesus remembered the first garden. The future he was to fulfill foretold there to the Mother of all ManKind. Eve in his mind, Adam in his thoughts, Thomas in his heart, he could see it all as one long envisioned age. The Promise made that brought this Man, this God, all mankind to this very moment when the Son of Man, the Son of God must choose.

Choose to live or choose to die.

Eve had been deceived. Adam in his place in the garden could see what Eve had done. He could feel what she had become. He  knew in his mind she would surely die, knew all life was in the balance. He made his choice. With that freedom to choose, that one choice, all mankind fell as one third of the Angelic had fallen.

One third becoming demonic Spiritkind.

Adam did not choose out of deception, for certainly Adam knew. He did not choose out of deliberation or deceit of manipulation. He knew He would die.

He chose to save.

Before, becoming sin-FULL the price of disobedience, Adam chose salvation of Eve. His was an act of mercy, of self-sacrifice, but a failure to realize one thing he did not know. To call upon the Lord.

What Adam could NOT save, God could.

God did, God had planned it knowing the heart of Adam.

The heart of God felt the wound. Straight to the heart and man to blame. God as Father, God the Father, God who cares suffered the agony that separation from a loved one, a cherished one, felt the pain. It was not the first time God felt pain nor the last. But this was the first for ManKind.

And in some ways, the worst.

The pain a Holy God for the sake of his corrupted children. He had to separate himself from them.  For the sake of the wood the fire must remain distant from the kindling lest the very nature of the fire consume the nature of the wood.

So it ever must be that man as sinful must be separated from God as Holy.  A gap in place, a space, that could not be bridged.  Should God and Adam remain together Man would be consumed since Adam chose sin.

God had a plan. God knew man, he had created him, how could he not?

He knew the angels, he created them, how could he not?

All creation he knew, even designating it good, could he not yet have a plan?

Knowing the fall would occur, How could he not?

He had a plan, His Son.

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