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Christian Headlines


Mission Network News 

·  Terrorism in Russia won't stop the Gospel

·  Orphan population growing, churches are being proactive

·  Hope in a Box for Southern Sudan

·  Nearly 50 million in the U.S. don't speak English

·  Hundreds accept Christ in Kingston, Jamaica

New Tribes Mission News 

·  Shocking conclusions

·  No escape for Eleuterio

·  Elderly believers looking forward

One News Now 

·  Obama blasted for 'browbeating' Israeli PM

·  Preacher peeved, play canceled

·  Activist to Obama: 'Put teeth' in executive order

·  Iowa city says Good Friday is still Good Friday

·  Coulter connects in Calgary

·  One-sided media leans to the left

·  Gates, Obama circumventing the law

·  School's change of heart pleases pro-lifer

·  Officials aim to revise arbitrary ordinance

·  Challenge to Illinois abortion law gets the boot

One Year Bible Blog 

·  March 31st One Year Bible Readings

Persecution Blog 

·  Christian Prisoner in Vietnam Released from Prison

·  Missing Human Rights Attorney Gao Zhisheng Confirmed 'Alive'

·  Christian Girls and Women in Egypt Receive New Testaments

Today's Creation Moment 

·  Eating that Can Result in Starvation

·  New Antibiotic Discovered Under the African Jungle

·  What's Part Mammal, Marsupial and Reptile?

United Methodist News 

·  Agency staff reductions alarm black caucus

·  Trapped Haiti workers search for way out

·  Mission agency head draws on global roots

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