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Christian Headlines



·  People: "Christian-focused" PR firm sues Carrie Prejean - Denver Post

·  Nigeria: Court Orders Fresh Arrest of CCC Televangelist - Lagos Daily Independent

·  Gay engineer, Trinity Broadcasting, settle harassment suit - Orange County Register

·  Physicians group sues over health-care law / Says it violates Constitution in several ways - WorldNetDaily

·  Removing crucifix would violate my faith , Christian nurse tells tribunal - London Telegraph

·  Christian militia members charged in Michigan - Reuters

·  Judge tells Pa. church to heal 'tongues' rift - AP

Gay Marriage 

·  Maryland - Impeachment Threat Over Gay Marriage - New York Times

·  Church charges Calif minister over gay weddings - AP

·  Clergy torn over church, civil loyalties over same-sex marriage - Washington Post

·  Christian protest on gay partnership plan - BBC News

Intelligent Design 

·  Bipedal walking at Laetoli - Uncommon Descent

·  Patent Judge rules DNA is INFORMATION not chemicals - Uncommon Descent

·  Comets and Cosmology - The Procrustean

·  Two Articles Defending Stephen Meyer and Signature in the Cell in Salvo Magazine - Evolution News & Views

·  Smithsonian's New Human Origins Exhibit Targets Students Who Doubt Darwinism ["The most amusing part of the exhibit proudly explains that evolution predicted we'd lack evidence for evolution; that’s how we know it's true!"] - Evolution News & Views


·  Islamic Drive Against Religious 'Defamation' May Be Losing Steam - CNS News

·  Quebec bill would ban niqabs in public service - Montreal Gazette

·  Somali Backlash May Be Militants' Worst Foe - New York Times

·  Son of Hamas chief, ex-Israeli spy now exposes 'Muhammad's lie' - WorldNetDaily

Opinion: Editorials and Columnists 

·  Seven Characteristics of Highly Evangelistic Christians - Thomas Rainer

·  Should Jews fear Passion plays? - Menachem Wecker

·  The VAT cometh - Charles Krauthammer

·  The decline of the West / UK’s move against Israel fits into the European trend of appeasing Islam - Zvi Mazel


·  Obama Medicare pick urges 'radical transfer of power' - WorldNetDaily

·  Israel fears Obama heading for imposed Mideast settlement - Haaretz

·  Proposed Financial Regulations Could Cripple Angel Investing - Read Write Start

·  Democratic Senator: Health Care Law to Address 'Mal-Distribution of Income' - Fox News

·  CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP - Washington Times

·  Christians from political left and right sign 'Civility Covenant' - CNN

·  Speaker Pelosi Praises United Methodist Support for Obamacare - Christian Newswire

·  Attorney General Moves to Forefront of Virginia Conservative Resurgence - New York Times

·  Bible classes bill advances - Tulsa World

·  Shocking Audio: Rep. Dingell Says ObamaCare Will Eventually 'Control the People' - Naked Emperor News

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