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31 Mar 10

Sex infection gonorrhea risks becoming "superbug
"This is a very clever bacteria. If this problem isn't addressed, there is a real possibility that gonorrhea will become a very difficult infection to treat,"  

12 dead in new Russia suicide bomb attack
Twelve people were killed Wednesday in twin blasts in Russia's volatile North Caucasus region of Dagestan, one of which was caused by a suicide bomber, investigators said.  

Police Allow Limited Number of Jews on Temple Mount
There were no reports of violence after the groups, limited to less than 10 Jews, were permitted to visit the holy site. Police took the usual precautions to make sure that the Jews did not bring with them prayer books and did not pray out loud on the Temple Mount.  

Labour Party taps Blair for boost as race in Britain tightens
Blair’s return, weeks before a national election, came in a speech urging voters to give his Labour Party a fourth term in office.  

Putin says one group may be behind Russian bombs
Russian Prime Minister said on Wednesday that a single group may have been behind bomb attacks this week in Moscow and the North Caucasus region of Dagestan.  

White House Court Brief Backs Race-Based Admissions
The Obama administration has asked a federal appeals court to uphold a race-conscious admissions system at the University of Texas at Austin, aiming to stymie a lawsuit that conservatives hope will spur the Supreme Court to limit affirmative action at public colleges.  

Government set to unveil offshore drilling plan
The Obama administration is expected to announce by Wednesday its updated plan for oil and natural gas drilling in U.S. waters, including whether to allow exploration for the first time along the U.S. East Coast. The plan could pave the way for a significant new domestic source of energy, helping to reduce U.S. dependence on oil imports and boost supplies of natural gas used to displace coal in power plants as the country works to reduce emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases.  

Northeast States Declare Emergency on Record Rainfall
Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut declared emergencies, closing roads and sandbagging low-lying areas as storms pounded the U.S. Northeast for a second day today. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick mobilized about 1,000 National Guard troops. The storm, which set a daily rainfall record in Boston, is expected to bring "“beach erosion, major flooding and widespread road closures," he said on his Web site yesterday.  

Twelve killed by twin bombings in Russia's Dagestan
At least 12 people, including a top local police official, have been killed by two suicide bombings in Russia's North Caucasus republic of Dagestan. A car bomb was detonated at about 0830 (0430 GMT) outside the offices of the local interior ministry and the FSB security agency in the town of Kizlyar. Another bomber then blew himself up 20 minutes later as a crowd gathered.  

Two held after dead babies dumped in China river
Two hospital workers have been arrested in eastern China after the bodies of 21 babies and foetuses were found dumped on a river bank, state media reports. Officials said the babies' families had paid Zhu Zhenyu and Wang Zhijun to dispose of the bodies but instead they had dumped them by the Guangfu river. Three hospital officials have also been suspended or dismissed, reports said.  

Nigeria Sharia court confirms Twitter debate ban
An Islamic court in Nigeria has permanently banned a rights group from holding an internet debate about amputation as a form of punishment. This follows a temporary order made last week by a court in northern Nigeria preventing Facebook and Twitter being used to discuss the issue. The ban was initially sought by a pro-Sharia group which said internet sites would be used to mock Islamic law.  

Irish banks may need as much as €32 billion for losses
In what was billed as one of the most important speeches in the history of the state, Irish finance minister Brian Lenihan on Tuesday (30 March) revealed that the country's banks could face a capital shortfall of 32 billion Euros. The sum, far higher than expected, is the equivalent of about 20 percent of Ireland's GDP...  

'Iranian nuke scientist defected to CIA'
An Iranian nuclear scientist who vanished in May 2009 defected to the CIA and has been resettled in the United States, ABC News reported on Tuesday. According to the report, which cites individuals briefed on the operation by intelligence officials, the defection of Shahram Amiri was deemed "an intelligence coup" in efforts against Iran's nuclear program.  

Obama, Sarkozy push for Iran sanctions
With the president of France at his side, US President Barack Obama declared Tuesday he hopes to have international sanctions against Iran in place "within weeks," not months, because of its continuing nuclear program. He acknowledged he still lacks full support at the United Nations. "Do we have unanimity in the international community? Not yet," Obama said. "And that's something that we have to work on." Obama said he and French President Nicolas Sarkozy are "inseparable" in their thinking on the subject.  

US not pushing e. J'lem resolution
No anti-Israel resolution on east Jerusalem was in the works at the UN Security Council, senior officials in Washington were quoted Tuesday as saying, amid reports that the US would not veto such a resolution if it were brought to the UN body. Ynet cited an Obama administration official as saying that no such initiative was before the Security Council, "and we are not pursuing or encouraging any such action."  

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