Bible Prophecy Today : a political action team?

After watching posts I have to ask:

What happened to Jesus?

Bible Prophecy Today : a political action team?

“Bible Claiming Politicians and Blogs”

If you care, you better pray, this Org this guy represents is all about using Christianity for Politics and Humanism. See Who and What they are by their statement below.

What happened to Bible Prophecy Today?

By Mark Tooley
Institute on Religion & Democracy

Joining with groups like ACORN, a wide coalition of religiousleft groups will march on Washington, D.C. on March 21 on behalf of eventual amnesty and largely open borders under the rubric of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR). The National Council of Churches (NCC) is even hailing CIR as a “divine mandate” and a “patriotic act.”

Mission Statement


To Reform the Churches’ Social Witness and Renew Democracy

The Institute on Religion and Democracy is

·        an ecumenical alliance of U.S. Christians

·        working to reform their churches’ social witness, in accord with biblical and historic Christian teachings,

·        to contribute to the renewal of democratic society at home and abroad.


The Institute on Religion and Democracy is:


·         an ecumenical alliance of U.S. Christians

·        We reflect genuine biblical ecumenism, that is, unity across denominational boundaries based on a shared belief in the truth of Christian orthodoxy.

·        This includes mainline and other evangelical Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox Christians working together in common cause.


·        working to reform their churches’ social witness, in accord with biblical and historic Christian teachings

·        Convinced that a personal faith in Christ is never private, but has public implications, we encourage strong churches and denominations that will take their faith into the public square.

·        We propose social witness policies that are in accord with biblical and historic Christian teachings along with strategies to implement those policies.

·        When it is necessary, we oppose social witness policies that are out of accord with biblical and historic Christian teachings or that make excessive and unjustified claims to scriptural and traditional authority.

·        Our policy proposals and critiques are based on the best scholarship available.  This reflects our role as a Washington based policy institute.

·        The communications and educational materials we produce for Christian leaders and congregations outside of the Washington policy community are lucid, accessible, and practical.  This reflects our role as an activist and educational organization serving the churches.

·        We recognize that on many issues (e.g.: immigration, tax policy, and welfare reform) that there is no definitive Christian position, but that biblical and historic Christian teachings nonetheless inform policies.


·        to contribute to the renewal of democratic society at home and abroad.

·        We work toward the restoration of the role of religion in giving moral definition and direction to public life and policy.

·        This includes outreach to policy makers in Washington and to Christian leaders in their churches and denominations.

·        “It is our purpose to illuminate the relationship between Christian faith and democratic governance. It is also our purpose to oppose policies and programs in the churches which ignore or deny that relationship.” (from “Christianity and Democracy”)

·        The work of the IRD will continue to focus on both domestic policy and foreign policy, especially the international issues of human rights and religious freedom, two cornerstones of democratic society.

Board of Directors 


Officers & Executive Committee: 

      Terry Schlossberg         Chairman 
      Graham Smith                 Vice-Chairman 
      John Boone                     Treasurer
      Mary Ellen Bork              Secretary

      Fred Barnes                     At Large

      Helen Rhea Stumbo       At Large 

      Mark Tooley                     President 


List of Board Members:


      Mr. Fred Barnes, Editor, The Weekly Standard

      Mr. John L. Boone, C.L.U. Mass Mutual 

      Mrs. Mary Ellen Bork, Writer & Speaker 

      Dr. Janice S. Crouse, Senior Fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute  

      Dr. Dean Curry, Professor, Messiah College 
      Ms. Becky Norton Dunlop, Vice President – External Relations, The Heritage Foundation
      Dr. Mateen Elass, Presbyterian Church (USA) pastor

      Dr. Robert P. George, Professor, Princeton University 

      Dr. Paul Marshall, Center for Religious Freedom

      Amb. Michael Novak, George Frederick Jewett Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

      Dr. Sarah Nutter, Associate Professor, George Mason University

      Mr. James Robb, Vice President – Operations, NumbersUSA

      Mrs. Terry Schlossberg, Executive Director, Presbyterian Coalition
      Rev. Dr. Graham Smith, Episcopal clergyman

      Mr. David Stanley, Retired attorney

      Mrs. Helen Rhea Stumbo, Publisher, Bristol House Ltd.



      Dr. Ira Gallaway, United Methodist clergyman

      Carl F.H. Henry (1913-2003)

      Rev. Richard J. Neuhaus (1936-2009)

      Thomas C. Oden, Professor of Theology and Ethics (emeritus), Drew University

      Edmund W. Robb, Jr. (1926-2004) 
      George Weigel


(Unveiled is a very Humanistic Board)

It would be nice if they were born again.

The deeper I read into it, the more I realized, these guys need Jesus.






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