PropheticPerspective: Starting over

For Some Reason:

Americans and Christians,

unless they get out of the country, tend to get an over inflated idea of how important they are in the Universe.

God Never Put America In Prophecy because in the Scale of Time,

200 years is like a Baby sucking it’s thumb and hasn’t grown up yet.


The First Time

Saying that is to remind ourselves

In the Prophetic Perspective of Eternity

Daniel had a dream of ALL the Kingdoms of the Earth


Prophecy is about Jesus.

It is about God’s plan to save you and me.

Along the way some interesting things get revealed.

But the Bottom Line is

It’s all about Him.

The Prophetic Perspective will start over and begin to post practical and real prophecy digest and issues relative to the fulfillment of the Scriptures and the Soon Return of Jesus. Every Post will have a disclaimer, but it needs to be said, if you are not Born-Again and you do not have the Holy Spirit to teach you, the posts will mislead you into error. Why? Because people get passionate and emotional yet forget God is Practical and Real.

His reality is not ours

We are being prepared to fit into His Persepctive.

We are trying for Week Ends to post, but likely will post some material every day. Only once a week are we trying for.

The sites and material will be old familiars and some you never heard of.

We will seek also to post material you could never afford to own,

But God want you to have.

This is Our New Beginning

We do not expect to finish our course before Jesus comes again


The Prophetic Perspective

Prove All Things knowing that all Prophecy is about Jesus and God revealing His Son…To us..for our…Salvation. We post material that is questionable, objectionable, and in the opinion of the Editor of the Prophetic Perspective, valid to use as God chooses to. Sometimes that is highly suspect as material setting “dates” of the Rapture is, but often these posts, may have pieces that are correct to futher study.  

“Rarely is anyone ALL RIGHT or ALL WRONG”

Michael James Stone

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