OTY: The Revelation"Intro"(1A) -RevelationCommentary

OTY: The Revelation"Intro"(1A) -RevelationCommentary

Posted on 12:19 PM by Michael James Stone

OTY: The Revelation"Intro"(1A) -RevelationCommentary


Welcome to revelationcommentary.org! We hope this dynamiccommentary is a beneficial study tool in your devotion to the Word of God. Before beginning to go through the content of Revelation, we recommend that you read through the introductionoverview, andhermeneutical sections to familiarize yourself with the framework concerning this incredible book of God.


Robert Van Kampen - (1938-1999) Author of numerous eschatological books and Founder of Sola Scriptura and The Sign Ministries, was a graduate of Wheaton College, a leading Christian businessman, co-founder of churches and missions agencies, and was founder of The Scriptorium. The Van Kampen Collection is the largest private collection of manuscripts, artifacts, scrolls and early printed editions of the Bible in the world today. He held an honorary doctoral degree in humane letters from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Rev. Bill Lee-Warner - (1946-2001) Bill was a graduate of Oregon State University, received his M.Div. from Western Evangelical Seminary, and pastored churches for more than twenty years. He served Sola Scriptura and The Sign Ministries as a writer, lecturer, and editor.

Rev. Charles Cooper - Instructor, Biblical Research & Education, Sola Scriptura, graduated from Ouachita Baptist University then went on to Dallas Theological Seminary and received a Master of Theology degree. After graduate school, Charles taught Homiletics and Hermeneutics at Moody Bible Institute for six and a half years. "Coop" (as he likes to be called) is active in declaring, defining, and defending the premillennial prewrath return of Christ. For any questions regarding this project please contact Charles by email or phone Sola Scriptura at 800.844.9930.

Gary Vaterlaus - Instructor, Biblical Research & Education, Sola Scriptura, a graduate of Oregon State University, Gary worked at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow before attending Western Conservative Baptist Seminary and starting a Christian publishing ministry in Russia. As an Instructor, Gary responds to correspondence and teaches the prewrath position nationwide.


The entire commentary is now available as one large PDF file for downloading and printing. You need a copy of Adobe Acrobat to open the document; it's free from their website.

The PDF file itself is 3.85Mb. Click here to download.

Also available is a tagged PDF file (1.75Mb) which allows the document to be reflowed for viewing on PDAs. Click here to download.


Overview of the Book of Revelation
Structure of the Book of Revelation
A Simple, Face Value Understanding of Prophetic Scriptures


Chapter 1 - Prologue
Chapter 2 - The Seven Churches, Part 1
Chapter 3 - The Seven Churches, Part 2
Chapter 4 - Heaven
Chapter 5 - The Large Scroll
Chapter 6 - The First Six Seals


Chapter 7 - Deliverance


Chapter 8 - Seventh Seal Events [Trumpet Judgments 1-4]
Chapter 9 - Completion of 70th Week [Trumpet Judgments 5-6]


Chapter 10 - The Little Scroll
Chapter 11 - Daniel 9:24 Completed [Trumpet Judgment 7]


Chapter 12 - The Beginning
Chapter 13 - The Beginning of the End
Chapter 14 - The End of the Beginning

A. Deliverance of the elect
B. Decree to the wicked
C. Destruction of the wicked


Chapter 15 - Prelude to Bowl Judgments
Chapter 16 - Bowl Judgments 1-7


Chapter 17 - The Great Harlot
Chapter 18 - The Great City
Chapter 19 - The Great Army


Chapter 20: 1-6 - The Beginning of the Millennium
Chapter 20:7-15 - The End of the Millennium


Chapter 21 - New Heavens, New Earth, New Jerusalem
Chapter 22 - Epilogue


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