One Thousand Years: Genesage "Appearance of Reality" (Chp 5:4)


One Thousand Years: Genesage "Appearance of Reality" (Chp 5:4)

One Thousand Years
"Appearance of Reality"
(Chp 5:4)
Screams still left over in one ear and nightmares still fresh in the other, the world aptly fit the memories he had been thru.
Of course he was beginning to think he had been thrown from the frying pan into the fire.
Tom had no idea where He was going, he only knew where He had been.
And that had been “hell of Earth.”  He did not want to go there. Everywhere he looked from his vantage point only confirmed the reality to him that Hell had come to earth and made it home. His view was unobstructed as the Angelic flew giving a tour of all man had accomplished “in control” of his own destiny.
It was as foreign to Tom as he had thought it must look.
What he had experienced on the ground and only seen a part of, had occurred all over the world. Only it was  worse than had been told. The Continents Unifying really had leveled all the mountains. They really were gone.
Tom’s companion kept talking while Tom watched what left of the earth go by underneath him.
As he listened at times, his mind made connections to what he had heard a long, long, time ago about Megiddo and the Final War. Everyone back then had an opinion and everyone at the same time as the stage was being set,  ignored what was happening.
How could they have ignored all the warning signs?
No one could have imagined how real it would get or that the complete and utter devastation of every man made structure and device would occur. Who knew? Most wanted a Utopian New York City. Or a Nirvana state of being. But so many had said the Bible had warned them of this.
The account the Catholic was telling him now almost made sense at times and those times interested him.
Other things his companion said sometimes bristled him in anger. He didn't have a comment or reply and really didn't want to encourage him any.  But deep down inside he made comparisons to what he thought he knew and what his eyes and ears now told him. The Catholic has his own spin on history and the End of the World.
There were times that if the Angel had not have been holding him he would have jumped before the ride was over.
The man never shut up.
The flight was not a short one. The dream would not end so with the monotone of his companion talking and the secure feeling oozing up his belly from the "angels" arms holding him, he began to notice his surroundings better.
  The air was abnormally warm and though they were at no real elevation it was still a birds eye view to see the lay of the land and the mess it was in. Annihilated would have been a better word.
Nothing remained of any cities, towns, villages, railroads, highways, tanks, armies, jets, all the familiar landmarks of the last few months and weeks leading up to Armageddon were gone.
There were some areas glowing and Tom was sure that was nuclear.
There were some places oozing and he was sure that was biological.
No water, but that was already known, as it had disappeared months ago.
Everyone had gotten used to the idea, the World as they knew it:

“And the Earth was without water and the Spirit of God hovered over it…,”
–the Re-genesis
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