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They have all turned aside, they have together become corrupt; there is none who does good, no, not one. -Psalm 14:3 (NKJV)

The Bible pulls no punches in its analysis of us. At a time when society is always trying to put a positive spin on humanity, God's Word cuts through all of that and unashamedly and unabashedly identifies us as corrupt creatures. How's that for positive affirmation?

It's actually a lot worse than that. The original word in the Hebrew here for corrupt literally means filthy or stinking. Imagine a piece of meat that's been left out in the sun. It starts to stink, flies start to swarm all over it, and the stench of death becomes sickening.

That's the idea here as the Bible describes the human heart as God sees it. He sees it that way because each and every one of us has been infected with the disease of sin, which takes no prisoners. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for humanity!

But here's where things take a turn. Although God sees us as we truly are, in the full light of our corruption and sinfulness, He doesn't back away or cross the street to avoid us. He loves and embraces us anyway, even to the point of giving His life for us while we were in our deepest valley of corruption (Romans 5:8).

This takes the love of God to an entirely new level. It's easy to love those who are loveable. But to be faithfully and feverishly in love with the likes of us-corrupt creatures who are filthy and rotten when compared to Him-it leaves us at a loss for words and reminds us why His grace is amazing.

What does this passage reveal to me about God?

What does this passage reveal to me about myself?

Based on this, what changes do I need to make?

What is my prayer for today? 

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