The Money Issue: Beggars in Christianity, God Quit Providing.

"Where God abides, God provides, but not anymore....."

As a Christian I am confronted by people who beg me for money. Most of them are Christians, all of them are  begging for "their Ministry". None of them are scriptural. None of them ask for Poor and Needy or Starving Children somewhere....

Jesus said,
"Freely You have received, freely give"

While "everyone" will run to justify WHY they beg, the point is simple. They are Begging. They aren't asking, it isn't a need mentioned, it is begging pure and simple. So is my answer: 


You get what you pay for 
and if you are paying for theses ministries, 
it's your money.

God doesn't need your money and they will all say that, but who does it? Who is practicing what they Preach?

Giving is in response to you and God and He directing you. He needs no help and like Keith Green once said, instead of Sending a Check,

How about YOU do something.
How about You Go and Do and Not Write a Check.

In answer to the Letters below:


 I am not going to give to you, though I obviously support you in other ways, but no, I will not give you money.

All these ministries can raise money other ways. All these can "make do" without. In fact, they may become MORE EFFECTIVE by pruning, than preening.

When I start begging for money for this ministry,
or the others I know that work hard to "never charge"
then maybe I will agree:

Begging for God is a good thing.

Maybe, but I doubt it.



Look around and you can’t help but see many people missing the point of Christmas. But really, missing Christmas is something that’s not unique to our time.

God incarnate came among the people on that first Christmas night, in a manger in Bethlehem, and most never even knew it had happened! Immanuel came and the people slept through the night. Like people today, they were too busy, too consumed with themselves.

Harvest Ministries works all year long to prepare hearts to not miss Christmas. I can’t tell you how many letters and e-mails I’ve received that tell me how they either came to Christ listening to one of our radio broadcasts or turned their life around through our daily Bible-teaching efforts.

When you support us financially this month, we will take your gift and use it to reach more people with the message of the gospel this Christmas. It is that simple.

Will you make a special Christmas donation today in support of Harvest Outreach this month?

(Kay Arthur)

Michael James,

Every ministry under the sun is asking you for money. It must be confusing. What do you do?

I’m convinced in the light of the times and the possible shortness of our freedom as Christians in our nation, that people HAVE TO KNOW TRUTH FOR THEMSELVES if they’re going to stand without compromise and without fear.

Click here to know what to do.


 So you don't Miss my point:

Chuck Smith and Keith Green are the only two people I personally saw and heard them say:


If God ain't providing
maybe He ain't abiding
and you're on the road with some bad company.

Michael James Stone


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