The "End Times" Issue: "How Do we Live?" Pt1

The End Times Issue: 

"How Do we Live?"

I was once asked, if you knew the Lord Jesus was returning in a few days, would you do anything different. As a young person at the time, I said no, I would keep doing what I was doing and treat every day the same.

If someone told me that now, I would look them in the eye and say, 

Oh Please, Give me a Break!

Of course you would do something different!! So would I. We all would.  When we say we wouldn't we lie. We want to think the "high idea" of our everyday life is the same when in reality if we know God is coming to dinner, we put out our best.

Right now, this minute, if I said I am coming over for dinner with Jesus someone would go and make sure the bathroom is clean, the bed is made, even make sure there was clean dishes or enough wine..., 

Well maybe not worry about the wine.

But one way of another, if you know Jesus is Coming in the next few days you WOULD be different.

Jesus is Coming.

 It would be a simple matter if the Rapture were debatable, or Jesus Return was not a fact and we could postpone the inevitability that our generation will see Jesus Return. That is a fact.

How soon is less arguable, most people know He is on His way.

Jesus Said it this way:

"Know this, if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, He would have watched, and He would not have allowed his house to be broken into"

"Therefore you be ready: for in just such an hour you think not, the Son of Man comes."

Jesus bluntly said, Be Ready.

The The Christian Perspective to The End Times Issue: 
" How Do We Live?"

  • Do I Know we are living in the "End Times?
  • Does it make a difference if We Are living in the Last Days and Jesus is Coming Soon?
  • How do I Prepare Myself to actually Meet Jesus?
  • Can I deny Jesus is coming soon and still go in the rapture?

The Problem with the "End Times" Issue is that it affects every area of life. It directs you to realize, 

You are not in Control.

The choices you make will determine your outcome.

I know Jesus is Coming soon. I don't have to prove that to anyone, it is obvious to anyone who studies on their own. 

The Issue I have from a Christian Perspective is knowing that it can be any time, 
Knowing it will not be longer than say the next ten or fifteen years, maybe a whole lot sooner.

How Do We Live?

You Get Ready. 
You Watch. 
You quit doing stupid things. 
You start doing things that pleases God. 
You warn people.

 This series of posts labeled "The "End Times" Issue" will feature posts helping three key areas to Get Ready to Meet Jesus.

1) Preparing yourself.
2) Preparing your family.
3) Preparing others.

The Christian Perspective to The "End Times" Issue
"A weekly redress of those issues we face"


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