WOW..."The Journey" a very good project.

I don't recomend sales, but when the artist is sincere and the message real, what can you do but say....WOW....,

I would recommend this.

Even if you just go and see the Artwork....WOW

Michael James Stone

God IS Love ~ Michael James Stone

In light of my daily devotions post on Last Call, (today) and since I tackled the Joy filled topics no one wants me to comment on:
1) Rick Warren2) Calvary Chapel3) President Obama
I thought I ought to tell you Why.
Read the Post below. It is hot off the press, so to speak from the horses mouth, or in this case God's.
After you read this one posted here, Go to Last Call and Read ALL the Daily Posts for today..., They all deal with this subject...
Now if you look at me above in this picture and you think somehow this is coincidence, contrived or specially selected by me to make a point.....PLEASE COME OVER MY HOUSE in the AM when I am fumbling thru to get the postings done no one asked me to do..., (if you leave Jesus out).
My Point is bluntly, GOD IS SAYING SOMETHING HERE.....
He is not kismet, accidental or coincidence, in fact, if you get a few Devotionals complimenting each other and building on one theme:
Ok, so my point is simple.
You let someone else tell you Who:
1) President Obama is.2) Calvary Chapel is or does.3) Rick Warren is.
Then you will see and find fault.
If you ask God to reveal all of these above, He may not tell you to support the President, or join a Calvary Chapel, or make Rick Warren your Pastor....,
But he will tell you to love them, Period.
Michael James Stone
PS. The reason I tackled these subjects and people is rather obvious when I read MY DEVOTIONALS.......God won't leave it alone........., so I have no choice........., I have to Speak about what God cares to tell you-MjS

you are who I say you are when you’re not around ~ Jon Courson

As ye also learned of Epaphras our dear fellowservant, who is for you a faithful minister of Christ; Who also declared unto us your love in the Spirit.
Colossians 1:7-8
I like Epaphras. He goes around speaking good things. He says, ‘I have good news about great things happening with those guys in Colosse.’

I want to be like Epaphras — talking about how great someone is behind his or her back, for not only does this please the Lord, but it has an impact on me as well.

How? To a very real degree, you are who I say you are when you’re not around. You see, if all of you leave here tonight and, on your way home, talk about what an idiot I am, I will become that person to you the next time we meet. Talk negatively about me, and, even if those things are not totally true, that’s what I will become in your sight.

On the other hand, if you speak well of a person behind his back, that is the way you will tend to view him. The next time you see him, you will approach him with an entirely different mindset than if you had come down on him.

The power of words is awesome. For that reason, we must be very careful. Gossip good stuff. That’s what Epaphras did


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