(STOP HATE NOW) Are you Guilty of hating Obama?

Are you guilty of Hatred?

Where were you when I framed the Heavens- God in the book of Job

Christians are not given the Freedom of Speech everyone claims to own but no one admits has consequences. We are told by Jesus,

We reap what We sow.

God lets Wheat Grow up with Chaff until the harvest, but when that happens, haters will not be there.....sorry.

As more evidence comes out about the Pastor who has given Jesus, God, Chrsitianity and Freedom of Speech a bad name, I am reminded of all the President Obama bashing going on in Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Glenn Beck's sites, Intense Debate, almost any Social Media and all I can think of........and Jesus saying,

For God so loved the World...,

When did that exclude those we don't agree with?

As Christians, ones that have a genuine interactive relationship with Jesus, we aren't allowed to hate people; God loves them. God better, I still struggle at times, but he helps me to.

God so loves the World that he gave his Only Begotten Son.....and that usually shuts me up if I even pretend to hate, dislike or get riled by someone.

We aren't allowed to make Judgement Calls on Sin Because Jesus as the one who died for all our sins was given sole authority of determining who was his own and who were not. While He died for all, he likewsie required that those he died for, are madated to follow Him.

Those that weren't His, would have to deal with The Holy God, Our Father, direct, without any benefit or covering, protection or propitiation for sin. They would be on thier own with You know Who.....,

Those that were his sheep, He would protect, guide, teach, care fore and declare to be his at the Judgement when he would seperate Sheep, Wheat, Saints, those who really are "saved."

Presuming the eternal security issue is one they get to interpret, some people, some Pastors, sometimes you and me, forget we are known by our Love, not our mouth or our ministry or our hatreds, or our Bible stramped with out name on it.

Jesus said that the entire world would know we are Christians by our Love.

Can you sing this with me:

We are one in the spirit
We are one in the Lord
We are one in the Spirit
We are one the Lord

Amd we pray that our U ity
will one day be restored;

And they'll know we are Christians by our Love
By our Love
Yes they'll know we are Christians by Our Love..........

What this Pastor has become known for is "I Hate Obama" sermons and shock jock type messages wishing "he says" the President would die like the late Senator Kennedy who is a professed Catholic Christian.

What He is also becoming exposed for by Rick Sanchez on CNN is a Business the Pastor is running that might be fine, might be using Church facilities, might be having an 'appearance' of Evil and be legal but morally or ethically questionable.

But......., Is that the gospel message you want to hear?

For God so loves you as long as you are part of our Church, our ministry, our teaching and you don't make the Pastor mad?

Some people I admit think that way, and it is Our Fault.


Do you get TOO ZEALOUS over Football Games? American Idol? Your Wife's mistakes, your childs rebellion? The Kids at school?

Who takes a Gun to school now days? Of course it's THOSE KIDS that are messed up, that are ready to kill, that are one last straw waiting to break and be the next mass murder..., but it is illegal to take guns to school now...,

That "Other" guy who felt unloved...hated, the one who is of course, the other guy.

So who takes a Gun to court and shoots the Prosecutor, the Defendant, the Judge...It's those GUYS who wacked out Nutcases, do Hate filled illegal (now) actions in Court.

So who takes a Gun to a Tea Party?

Did you know you carry a loaded gun too?

The Bible Said your Mouth is a weapon at times that can Kill, or it can condemn (you) or in fact, it also a way in which you can be saved.

What is coming out of your mouth will either condemn you or save you Jesus said.

Do you Hate the President? Do you Hate some People Group? Politician? Even the Pastor here who most likely unless He repents will never see heaven. Do You hate Him? Do you hate the "other guy?" Did you make fun of the "unloved kid" at school? Haze your "friends." Blog against President Obama using foul language and participatin in stirring hatreds, strifes, rebellions?

Did you pariticipate in the New "Good News" gospel? The one that says We get to Hate if WE CLAIM we are Conservative Christians and serving a Political Salvation of the Nation....

Of course God is with Us, In God we Trust, and we are the Right, we already secured our salvation....didn't we?

God will judge you. There is no doubt. If you are stacking Eternal Security against Hating your Brother, or those you think aren't, I suggest you are playing with a Stacked Deck and the Cards are not in your favor.

God, Eternal Security or Eternal Assurity, gives us an assurance that whoever is His He will not loose, but my assurance is because I know Him and I John says because I say I know Him I had better be loving becasue If I say I know Him and Hate......,


You go read it....VERY BLUNT.....TOO EASY TO READ.....TOO HARD TO CONFUSE....,

He that loveth not....knoweth not God...,

Dare I say more?

And they'll know we are Christians by our Love
By our Love
Yes they'll know we are Christians by Our Love..........

Michael James Stone

'I Hate Obama' Pastor Draws Protesters Outside Church

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An Arizona pastor who delivered the “Why I Hate Barack Obama” sermon was confronted by about 100 protesters Sunday outside his church near Phoenix.

Protesters at the so-called “Love Rally” denounced Pastor Steven L. Anderson’s sermon – which called on parishioners to pray for the president’s death – as hate speech.

“It’s hard to believe we could have someone of a religious nature wishing our president was dead,” said protester William Crumb to KNXV-TV in Phoenix.

Another protester, Larry Crane, said, “I’m just disgusted with this man who claims to be a minister of the Lord preaching hate toward the president.”

Last month, Anderson, 27, told the members of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Ariz., that he prays the president would die soon.

“Let his children be fatherless and his wife a widow,” Anderson said in the sermon, available on YouTube. “Let his children be continually vagabonds and beg.”

Despite adverse reactions from the public, the controversial pastor again repeated his message Sunday outside his church.

“I hope it happens today, not when he (the president) gets older,” said a defiant Anderson, according to NBC affiliate 12 News. “I hope he dies of brain cancer today.”

Anderson said he received a phone call from the U.S. Secret Service in August. The Secret Service said it was following up on Anderson’s comments.

Also, an anti-hate watchdog group is monitoring the preacher, who it fears could incite militia activities.

The day after Anderson’s sermon, one of his parishioners, Christopher Broughton, carried a loaded AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and a handgun to an event where Obama would address a veteran’s group. Broughton, however, said he was not motivated to carry guns to the event because of Anderson, but because of his long-standing dislike of the president.

Broughton was not arrested because it is legal to openly carry a gun in Arizona.

Though Anderson is an active pastor, he also runs a small business installing commercial fire alarms. The Faithful Word Baptist Church is located in Anderson’s office in a strip mall.

The members of his church, numbering about 24, have defended their pastor and his sermon.

“I hate people that hate God,” said a parishioner, who refused to be identified, to ABC News.

“As far as I know we live in America, we have freedom of religion, freedom to assemble and freedom of speech,” said another member.

Protesters say they plan to continue to demonstrate at Faithful Word Baptist Church.


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