When Legalism gets out of hand(Response to Tony Miano by Michael James Stone)

There is a Growing "Spirit of Anti-Christ" or spirit contrary to Jesus, that is Judging and Condemning the Church.

You are the church. You are the bride. You are the body of Christ.

Not Tony Miano, not Jan Markell, not Rick Warren, not Michael James Stone, but you.

Jesus died for you, but he rose to be Lord of Rick Warren, Tony Miano, Jan Markel, me, you
Joel Osteen
Bill Hybels
Rob Bell
Brian McLaren
Tony Campolo

All of these men who have used the Name Jesus, and said they are a Christian. That includes President Obama, Jimmy Carter, among any and all others who have called upon the name of the Lord and who has said they are Christian.

That means, Suck it up, but you are related to them in Jesus and you can act like the petulant son in the Prodigal story, or as Jacobs sons' or even Peter, but you're stuck with these guys unless you want to tell us you redefiend Grace,,,,again.

But you, you don't need the "prophets" out there and here who seem to want to divide the the body of Christians so that once we have gotten rid of "them" we can start on another list and change the names and further divide the body.

You know what? Jesus died for all of them and us. His Grace his sufficient for all thier petty fears.

Oh oh They aren't saved?

TOO BAD YOU DON"T get to decide who that is. Some of theses "prophets, teachers, evangelist, frankly whiners and complainers in my book" want you to side with thier pet ideas about who they get to exclude form the Kingdom of God.

They have NO AUTHORITY to do that. Again read carefully, they have NO AUTHORITY to do that.

Jesus is Lord, not men. Men will change the rules of Who is on the good list and who is on the bad list till God again rejects those who put a stumbling block in front of anyone from coming to Him by asking Each One of these men of god the same thing I ask now.

Is this Love of the Brethren?

"They will know we are Christians by our love, not our mouth."
They will know we are Christians by our Love not our doctrine."

They will know we are Christians because we will say We hear His voice and we will not follow the voice of another. We will Do as Jesus said.

I am sorry, but these accusers use the "emotional responses" negative to the Spirit of God that would rejoice when Any gospel even if said in spite is preached.

Less than a week a ago I heard the first few minutes of Tony's Mianos address to his own church and he slightly was critical of those who are afraid to speak in church. I feared the nect step was Hyper-criticism instead of His Gift to preach the Gospel.

I was right, satan sidetracked him for a monent and I will pray he stays true to his calling and gift which is for savation not condemnation of the saved. He is a mighty man of God, but he too will make errors at times, but he doesn't throw himself out of salvation for it. He prays.

Tony is an Ex-Marine so he is loud, boisterous, and if Jesus were like that I know half of the scriptures would fail for want of a tender saviour than a blast of fire. Some need praching, some teaching, some fear, some love, and God has all Ways he choses to deliver his message as HE sees fit.

But God, in his wisdom, uses even a jackass to preach salvation so when these men are on target, their words are Full of Wisdom Leading a person to Jesus.

But what wbout when Both Sides are off. What Do you do?

You Seek the Lord, not the people mentioned above. God is love, he is not condemnation or turned that over to man to contemn. God is moving always towards tha day You will realize He wants you with him period.

BUt in the Last Days, a deception takes place; a false righteousness takes the position of God by replacing a Man in charge rather than your Lord.

It says, I WILL make these decisions for you.
I WILL decide who is right and who is Wrong>
I WILL accuse the bretheren when i don't like HOW they do it.
I WILL be the Judge.
I WILL exclude "certain" people>
I WILL deny their Salvation message.

I WILL (in essence) Play God.

(For the sake of the people of course)

This is not the Holy Spirit. This is the false spirit, or anti-spirit, anti-christ, that like in Judaism so long ago when Jesus Came, seeks to make a Criteria FOR YOU AND GOD.

No. That is not Jesus, that is not your saviour, that is not the Living God.

He is real and He alone will teach you and lead you to love him and love your fellow man as well as the brethren without stepping on ministries, ministers, other human being serving God as He leads then and if they are false:

DON't Follow them. God will reveal them, even as He is revealign the lack of love in the body of Christ and we as in Church's. When a Pastor fails, are you there to help in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, a lifetime and lifestyle of love and forgiveness?

Or do you HAVE TO, like these others, bring a railing cry against God's annointed?

DAVID after being annointed warned a very severe message these "saviours" ought to heed as I consider well my challenge to them.

Would You Kill Saul Gods annointed after David was Chosen? Daved said No, and lived it.

Jesus calls us to a better way. Any alpha dog can bark and tear and seek to be made Lord over the gentiles, as most gentiles will do as they "say they are serving" but accusing instead. But are you a Dog? or Chosen?

Are you to reveal Jesus in you? Or make a Religion after your own image?

You can't do it, nor can any of these men above do it either, But He, the Spirit of Truth Can.

Jesus sent to you personally the Holy Spirit to be able to know Jesus. To know what he commands you, to know sin and to know salvation.

Let no man judge you as to days, manners, laws, Traditions or religion labeled upon you, but let themn Judge you as to If you know Jesus.

I do.

I will remind all these above they do too,. The Lord would have them as he did his own disciples tell Him who put you in charge of another mans salvation?

It is God who so loved the World, obvioulsy not the accusers of the brethren, that is of thier father satan,

But when we love, as Jesus said to, we prove whose Father we have because we don't need to "worry" fret and be upset over keeping up with the Joneses. but we can focus on the Cpation of our souls and Serve Jesus as Ambassodors for Christ, not lambasters for satan.

Michael James Stone

What Will You Do When This Comes To Your Neighborhood, Christian?

By Tony Miano

The video you're about to see did not happen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, or Saudi Arabia. It happened here, in the United States.

And who is aiding and abetting the ecumenical jihad in the United States? Men and women who carry the title "pastor" or "Christian Leader," that's who. By there incessant push for pluralism and ecumenism, and there shameful, wanton disregard for the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they are helping to usher in the persecution of the Church.

Remember these names when real persecution of Christians begins in the United States.

Rick Warren
Joel Osteen
Bill Hybels
Rob Bell
Brian McLaren
Tony Campolo
And others like them...

While I am no prophet, I believe some or all of the above will not be on the side of Cross when real persecution comes. I believe they will be among the apostate who will turn in Christians to the authorities in order to protect their own positions, popularity, and power--to protect their own skin.

Yeah, I know. I'm ramping up the rhetoric a bit. After what I experienced last night on the streets, and after watching the above video, I see no reason not to kick things up a notch.

So, what should real Christians do in response to the coming ecumenical jihad? What should real Christians do when false teachers, false pastors, false prophets, and false Christian leaders turn traitor against the Church? What should real Christians do in response to an increase in persecution?

What we must NOT do is respond like some worshippers of the false god of Islam--like some of those seen in the video--like those who recently beheaded three Christian pastors for refusing to convert to Islam. And no genuine follower of Jesus Christ would ever respond this way, for our God--the only God--teaches us to love our enemies and to lay down our lives for our friends.

What we should do is preach the gospel louder and more often, no matter what the cost.

What we should do is LOVE the lost, including Muslims. We should love them with true Christian love, not the false love of those who refuse to speak the truth in love in order to protect their public persona and "ministries."

We must LOVE those who would seek to kill us for sharing the gospel with them.

The fight before us will not be won with petitions and legislation. The fight before us can only be won with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

While Warren, Osteen, Bell and their ilk trample under their feet the blood of Christ by their repeated denials of Him, in public forums--denials that come in the form of a failure to publicly proclaim the one, true gospel when given the opportunity; we must raise the banner of the Lord Jesus Christ all that much higher in response. We must take up our crosses, deny ourselves, and follow our Lord.

So, what will you do today to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ?


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