If I forget thee o Jerusalem.., on Tisha B'Av

If I forget thee o Jerusalem..,

Let my right hand loose it's cunning, let my tongue cleave to it's mouth,
If I do not prefer thee above my chiefest joy...,

I lived in Jerusalem fourteen months, it was a time of trial, tribulation, great sorrow, great joy, and many lessons I am still living.

My Wife divorced me in Jerusalem.

She wanted to Follow her soul rather than her heart and decided to Live in Israel as a Orthodox Jew, and "undercover" be a follower of Jesus. My experience with the halachic court was remarkable and the "abandonment" by mature Believers in Jesus phenomenal, I resisted the "get" and in one "courtroom dialogue" God confounded a sage.

Eventually I released her.

In many ways I died in Jerusalem, much as I thought I would.

Days there were full of wonder, splendor, one minute a saint, next minute a sinner, and the miraculous followed me as at times there were moments like transfiguration and times people got "saved".

There was also Crucifixion, Gethsemane, and even Last Suppers with Judas never far away...,

I Love Jesus. He loves me. We love the City of God, the place the Temple of the Most High was built and God's presence once was.

But the fact is We are that temple now. We take Jesus where we go, and we could take Him to Jerusalem as a Witness or a tourist. We can take the Holy Spirit inside us to the place of caring enough for one neighbor or One Jew, or any other person be they Moslem, Mormon, Arab, Israeli or American and reveal that God is not dead but the Living God and we are the ambassadors of a City yet to come with a Land yet to be seen.

We are the Ones God chose to do this for him., To Declare to Jerusalem, Judea and all the World your time of mourning is gone, it is a Day of Salvation to this entire generation and we do not have much time to let someone Hear God Speak.

We can let this generation know, God has spoken, God does Speak and God will Speak to the person standing right next to you, if you will only open you mouth.

If you have forgotten Jesus, He never forgot Jerusalem, He told Paul, Jerusalem is the Mother of us All.

If you pray for Jerusalem and peace that is well, but if you would Save a Soul in Jerusalem, Please Speak Comfort to my people, Speak repentance to the hardened of heart, but for God's Sake stand up and Speak to the Jews you do know and Be not Afraid, God is with you.

Tell a Jew about Jesus.

Michael James Stone


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