The New Middle East & The NWO? Heaven Help Us.~from Israeli Tamar Yonah

The New Middle East & The NWO? Heaven Help Us.

Tammuz 21, 5769, 7/13/2009

I did a radio program this morning on the false prophets of today, mainly the ones many think of as the 'enlightened'. These 'Enlightened Ones, the ones who hob nob with the 'Beautiful People' of today, are propelling mankind to live under a globalized and central 'one world government', or a 'New World Order'. One of the people who I believe is pushing Israel towards a NWO is Shimon Peres. If you missed the program, listen to it here below. This 'new middle east' that he talks about goes against Torah, in that the 'enlightened ones' want the Jewish people to rely on other nations for their sustenance, and not G-d. Here are my thoughts on the issue.


After hearing the audio above, watch the speech yourself, hearing how Peres says that our youth should "watch out for your parents, your teachers and your friends". Meaning, do not let them influence you, as technology and science are the new gods, and the future is yours to actualize this, so don't let history, parents or teachers sway you from your dreams of a new reality in the world, a reality where the age of borders and land are old fashioned. isn't this what the NWO pushes, no more borders???? He also basically states that history is irrelevant, so if you want to remember history, just buy a computer to store it, but then go on and forge a new future. He also states that G-d is not 'reliable' ( 8:50 into the speech) and that "He drives us crazy". This is what he wants to impart to our youth.

Speaking about youth and the NWO agenda of throwing out G-d's word and re-writing what is moral (like in the story of the Tower of Babel), the EU attacked Poland for being homophobic. They were referring to a move by Poland, a more traditional catholic country, for putting a stop to homosexuals coming into Polish schools and pushing the homosexual agenda on their youth. The European Union vilified Poland as "hateful" and "repulsive" for refusing and forbidding homosexual propaganda in their schools. Poland's minister of education responded that "One must limit homosexual propaganda so that children won't have an improper view of family". But this is not acceptable to the EU and ITS values. Hindering homosexuality goes against their commandment of, "Thou shalt not be politically incorrect" and "Thou shalt not stop homosexual propaganda".
But this is what you get, when nations who clearly have different values, especially religious ones, cannot remain sovereign and free to practice them, under a NWO which redefines what is right and wrong. Today's enlightened want us to think;

sexual promiscuity = 'sexual experimentation'
homosexuality 'an abomination' = 'alternative lifestyle'
stripper = an 'exotic' dancer. So much nicer to say to one's neighbor when asked what their daughter is doing now-a-days that "Our daughter is an exotic dancer", than saying, "Our daughter is a stripper."
Pornography = ' art '
Pornography also = 'adult entertainment' - It's so much of a nicer and innocent term.

Our prophet Isaiah states in chapter 5 verse 20, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"


I hate news like the Article below, which like most Prophecy News, reveals a common problem in Pro-Israel positions and Prophecy News Orgs:


Why doe we need to Lie about God, when he is God?

There is a Rapid escalation or growing number of False News being circulated by sites that get funds and finances from "telling stories" about God, rather than testimonies of God.

It's disgusting.

The profit of "get rich quick" schemes, and "pay to play" Google Adwords, or "syndicated media" is making a new phrase first coined here by me:


The "need to greed" of getting a "hit" is making journalist resort to Lying, Cheating and Stealing the Truth in order to "get" your attention.

Shock Jock, or Solid Rock, the foundation lines for the battle for your mind is now Bloging it's way into false facts which leads to a false "spirit" which means the spirit of anti-christ, or a spirit of false annointing.

I see respectable sights now adding "news" as though the accuracy were not relevant, but the "name to fame" of the person is presumed accurate and the idea of Broadcasting the Baloney without comment or ability to respond leaves the reader soaking the lie to see if any facts can be gleaned.

One can be.

How many sites want your money?

Donate to propagate a lie is about the click trick that pimps a site for response by you as you read and visit a site you assume is about God, Religion, Prophecy or and often never tells you a profit is being made by your visit.

How prophetic, profit sites have become.

They want you to visit and to read, so the greed and bleed of the Body of believers pay for often unsubstantiated rumors and outright lies to be stated as though fact.

TABLOID TERRORISM is about Making you fear, hear, or react, rather than point to assurance, or relationship with Jesus Christ.
TABLOID TERRORISM in some way that takes you away from God and focus on someone or something else.
TABLOID TERRORISM is about removing "Jesus" and "gospel" from the posts to a religious appeal to be even more religious and less advocate for Jesus and His Will.
TABLOID TERRORISM is about money, but does use propaganda to invoke readership.
TABLOID TERRORISM is being used by almost all of us and no one is frankly immune to this "new" self deception we are in as we "blog" our way away from the purpose God designed the gospel to do.

TABLOID TERRORISM is about you and me deciding we will Prove and Approve those things that are True, and fact find, like these Jews below did and say SHAME ON THOSE who become TABLOID TERRORIST.

We don't need terrorism, we have the Good News, lets start to tell it again.

When you need to Prove a fact: Google It <<<
Michael James Stone


Evangelicals recycle messianic old “good news”

This is weird, or would misleading and deceptive be more accurate terms?

On June 26th the Standing with Israel newsletter section of Charisma Magazine ran a feature article by messianic “Rabbi” Baruch Rubin entitled: Messianic Judaism Recognized in Israel and Elsewhere

The text of the article reports that, The Messianic Action Committee (MAC) “under the name Action Committee for Messianic Judaism in Hebrew, has been officially recognized as an Israeli not-for-profit organization. This means that the government of Israel now officially recognizes Messianic Judaism!”

Well, Jewish Israel felt that the Christian rabbi was pushing the envelope a bit far, because attaining non-profit status in Israel is not analogous to being recognized as a branch of Judaism. So we decided to investigate the misleading report.

It was odd that no other messianic or evangelical publication was reporting this “good news” that emanated from Charisma Magazine - the premier publication of the Strang Communications Company.

You know, Stephen Strang - the publisher of Pastor John Hagee’s books and a Regional Director of CUFI (Christians United for Israel). The same Strang who signed the WEA statement calling for continued efforts to evangelize the Jews. The same Stephen Strang who chose to mark Israel’s 60th anniversary with a Charisma cover story celebrating the messianic missionary community in Israel and hailing them as “brave Christians celebrating the love of Jesus in Israel”

The Christian “rabbi” Baruch Rubin regularly contributes to Charisma’s Newsletter section. On June 30th (five days after the original post), Ruben’s article was still featured alongside the posts of recognized writers like CUFI's David Brog, and organizations like the International Christian Embassy (ICEJ). And no other outlet had picked up what was billed as monumental news in the messianic world (wow! non-profit status!!).

It was even stranger when we discovered that the confused Christian “rabbi” had recycled one of his old articles:
The following article represents some of my thoughts over the past ten years, or so. Some of the material may be a bit outdated—just overlook the references to time, and listen for the heart in each story.

But how old is this news?

At least 7 years old, as Shelomo Alfassa reported it on May 14th 2002:

“Calling it a “significant breakthrough”, messianic Judaism has been officially recognized by the Registrar of Non-Profit Societies, which is a department within Israel’s Ministry of Interior. There you will find this Christian group with an official sounding name Vaad Poala Lma'an Yahadut Meshichit (Action Committee for Messianic Judaism).”

By the way, Shelomo’s old article, "When the High Court Welcomes Messianic Jews" is well worth a read, and very timely (unfortunately the numbers have changed in seven years in Israel from "5,000 converts from Judaism in over 38 groups" to an estimated 10,000-20,000 and 120-150 groups)

How low will the messianic propaganda machine go? Well, Jewish Israel feels if messianic Christians are so desperate as to start scraping the bottom of the recycle bin for news – any old news - to promote their worn-out charade, then the tide may be turning and that would be truly good news for the Jews.

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Five Components of a Healthy Marriage~Rick Warren

Five Components of a Healthy Marriage

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Years ago I read this letter writte
n to Dear Abby:
“Do all marriages go stale after 25 years? Ours has. My husband and I don’t seem to have much to talk about any more. We used to talk about our kids. But now they’re grown and gone, and we really don’t have anything to converse about. I have no major complaints with my husband. But the old excitement is gone. We watch a lot of television. And we read. And we have friends. But when we’re alone together, it’s pretty dull. We even sleep in separate bedrooms now. Is there someway to recapture the old magic?”
– The Song has Ended

How incredibly sad! Too many marriages in our churches are struggling because the romance has died. Looking around, there is a disturbing trend that plays itself out in most troubled marriages. They go from fiery romance to reality to rut to resentment to regret. Before long, divorce comes.
Pastor, the marriages in our churches – including our own – are either growing together or drifting apart. There’s no middle ground. Your church has a unique opportunity to encourage healthy, growing marriages. How do flat marriages rekindle their romance? The same way Jesus tells us to rekindle our love for him in Revelation 2:4-5. Jesus says, “You have forsaken your first love. Remember the height from which you have fallen? Repent and do the things you did at first.”
First, you remember the good times. You do again what you did when you first fell in love. Then, you repent or deliberately change how you treat your spouse. But what are those actions that you “did at first”? Married people did five things when they first fell in love. And they’ll need to do it again if they are going to recapture that romance: attention, affirmation, affection, adventure, and accordance (spiritual oneness) they had when they first fell in love.
1. Attention: The very first sign that you were falling in love was that you noticed that someone was paying attention to you – and you started to pay attention to that someone. Do you remember how much attention you paid your mate before you were married? You wrote notes. You made phone calls. You spent hours talking together. You sent cards. You bought flowers. You brought gifts. You said over and over again, “You have my total and undivided attention.”
What happened after you got married? Instead of saying, “I'll get that for you,” we started saying, “Get it yourself!” We became complacent in our relationship and took one another for granted. But if you’re going to rekindle the romance, you’ve got to make time for each other and pay attention to each other. If you don’t, you’re headed for trouble.
2. Affirmation: The quickest way to put spark back into your marriage is to start focusing on your spouse’s strengths instead of their weaknesses. Paul reminds us in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “Give encouragement to each other. Keep strengthening each other.” Everybody wants to be admired, appreciated, and looked up to. We fall in love with people who admire us.
You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s so true. “Treat your husband like a king and he will treat you like a queen.” Very simple yet profound. We tend to become what others expect of us Verbalize your love for your spouse every day. If you will verbalize your love, you will begin to feel that love you once had.
3. Affection: Remember how affectionate you and your spouse were during your courting days? In fact, you can always tell who the unmarried couples are. They can’t keep their hands off each other. Unfortunately, after the wedding, the touching and tenderness stop in so many marriages. All marriages need large amounts of hugging, kissing, caressing, and other forms of non-sexual touch.
Ephesians 5:19 (Amplified) says, “Husbands ... be affectionate!” It is a command. Husbands, if you’re not doing this, you’re sinning. Some say, “I'm just not naturally affectionate.” So what? Change! It’s not in your genes. You learned the behavior from your background. You can learn to be affectionate.
4. Adventure: Most marriages are dull. Ecclesiastes 9:9 says, “Enjoy life with your wife.” I’ve read that the number one cause of affairs is boredom. Are you fun to live with? You had adventure when you were romancing your spouse. But you’ve probably lost that sense of adventure. Everything is predictable. Predictability kills a marriage.
Unfortunately, most of us define fun as what you do after you’ve got all your work finished. But you never get all your work finished! The work is never done. Even after you retire, you still have got work to do. As a result, you don’t have any fun in your marriage – and you wonder why the feelings have died.
You need at least one date a week. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be at night. (Kay and I have done them on Monday mornings.) But regardless, do something you like to do together. And do it without the kids. Schedule it – every week – so you can’t back out when your schedule gets tight.
5. Accordance (spiritual oneness): The key to fellowship with your mate is for both of you to live in God’s presence. When you and your wife are both committed to Christ and what he’s doing in the world, you’ll be naturally drawn together. Spiritual unity enhances romance. I ended up proposing to Kay while we were praying together. I felt so close to her – our hearts were knit together – that I figured we might as well join our lives together. Prayer joins you together. And then there is the natural desire to show physical affection, physical oneness, when you are spiritually one.
God wants you to have oneness. Romance was God’s idea. The Bible says two shall become one – intellectually, emotionally, physically, recreationally, and spiritually. When you are only having oneness in three of those areas, your marriage isn’t fully what God wants it to be. But when you and your spouse connect in all five areas, that’s when you find real, honest oneness.
Do you and your spouse pray together? Do you do ministry together? Do you share what God is doing in your life with your spouse, and visa-versa? Make those things a part of your time together, and romance will return.

Rick Warren is the founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., one of America's largest and best-known churches. In addition, Rick is author of the New York Times bestseller The Purpose-Driven Life and The Purpose-Driven Church, which was named one of the 100 Christian books that changed the 20th Century. He is also founder of, a global Internet community for ministers. Copyright 2009, Inc. Used with permission. All rights reserved


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