One Missing Word....Michael Jackson....Jesus.

I like Michael Jackson music.

I love dancing, my wife thinks I am crazy but I enjoy at 52 going to Pismo Beach CA to a small club and dancing.

I enjoyed dancing in Jerusalem in the Public hora's much the same way...I love dancing. And I am not bad, though admittedly dated, I still get young people come up smiling and tell me I can dance pretty good.
I rest after every dance.....

Michael Jackson at the time of his rise to fame as a child star had another person signed as a prodigy. He was to be the next "superstar" and recorded only one song.

Keith Green.

Keith Green changed my life by his music, and I am still influenced daily by the Message in the Muisc, so much so I include his dust to dust in my personal author page : Author Page

Keith and Michael..... the Fire and the Passion...... both Men lived out their convictions in later life and if there ever was a prophet of the Jesus Movement in Song it was Keith Green.

Michael, the Iconic couldn't destroy his talent by his Sin anymore than David could with the Murder of Uriah or adultery with Bathsheba.

Keith dealt with sin, Michael dealt with his life and I am saddened by it, because I see the lonely man for the soulful man many enjoyed.

Michael I wish had more influence in his world than this:
He had a fractious relationship at times with various family members and other confidants, but friends say Jackson saw his mother as the one flawless, angelic constant in his life.
A Jehovah's Witness, Katherine Jackson, 79, is universally described as a gentle, loving matriarch who has doted on her family and fought to keep them united through tough times.
I was a mother's son, who when the time came, witnessed to my mother till she "Got Saved". Keith too wrote a Song to his Mother wanting, 'to just see you there'. I pray for people all the time who want their loved ones to "make it to heaven".
I wish I could say I knew where Michael is...., I don't.
I can't judge a man who rises to stardom and what he may or may not know as far as God is concerned. I can pray his life makes sense to others to choose to not let stardom steal the best your life can proffer.
Keith was offered to be a superstar of the up and coming "Contemporary Christian Music" scene as he hit the edge of Phenomenal Success. He turned it down for the name of the One Man he walked off stage and got down on his knees and often his face on stage in front of thousands for: Jesus.
Michael Jackson wrote about every emotion and feeling you could have except one.
There is only One Word missing from all his songs and his life:
Michael James Stone


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