Laodicea: the Plastic Church ~ Bible Prophecy Today

Laodicea: the Plastic Church ~ Bible Prophecy Today

This Article represents a tendency amoung Christians to exaggerate.
Some might say Lie and I would agree. The hype of shock jock is making Christian commentators and bloggers fall like flies after seeking to build a position they lie about the context.

By Joseph Chambers

The Emerging Church, as it has been named, could not fit the Biblical prophecy of Laodicea more perfectly. This model of the apostate church is said by men that are wiser than I am to represent 95 to 98 percent of the church world.

Part of the Problem with saying there is a problem is making it out to be worse than it is. Mature Christians no better and warn readers to check sources. While I appreciate the Authors Point of View, I went to His Home Page to see Who and What they believed in since I saw no links or stats to back up the article and the boldness of the statement.

If I were perfect, I would apply to them. I am afraid I can Prove to Them, Jesus would not be Welcome....., some of the Standards of the life a Person is supposed to Live as HOLINESS would certainly question my Judeo-Christian beleif.

BUT, it does explain the claims made in the post as unsubstantiated, because they see, not just the "emerging" church as Wrong, but all of Christendom being 80 to 90 % off. I know the Jesus Movement is a rather challenging topic for some people, but we never excluded people from Grace and enforce a standard no one could live, and when exposed by God are often extremely enbarassed, but we knew we were all sinners and need grace, not perfection, to be His followers.

A Saintly saint maybe in your vocabulary, but not mine.

I am not Emergent, or emerging, I am Christian saved by Grace and not letting others pull the wool over our eyes when someone jumbs up and says, Look At Them, but does NOT Look In the Mirror first.

Studio Opening In August

After 25 years later of many Web ups and downs in dissatisfaction, I am glad God is blessing me at the end of my life to finally develop a plan, a schematic and theme I can feel comfortable with as Publishing goes forward in Christian Authorship.

I just never felt comfortable as an Artist about many of the Sites I have seen in the secular World, compared to the ones in Christian. At least for me.

Now I am stoked. I can eventually take this where I wanted to always go in Faith and not be embarrassed or ashamed.

It may not be for everyone, but when I got there, as well as My author site now, I hear the Music, see the recent changes, and smile. I am again enjoying what I am doing on the Web as well as a Writer. <<< In process but let me know Bad and Worse of it.....Me? I love it!!!

Michael James Stone


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