The Great Pause ~ Bible Prophecy Today

The Great Pause ~ Bible Prophecy Today

Charts are Great.

They help us to visualize. They are tools and when used in combination of the scriptures point us in the right direction.

They are only tools.

Dispensations and words like Age of Grace, or Church Age, Age of Law, etc, are also tools. They create word images which AID us to understand, but also, they are NOT scripture. They are used to explain aspects of scripture which may or may not be the actual fact.

Some people at times get caught into this Box Like thinking that Dispensationalism can do if they are not careful to remember, these are only tools, not the bible.

I like Ideas like the Church Age, and all the other ages people use to explain, but sometimes like in this case with the article, the Age of Law and Age of Grace get a little to close to sounding like they exist as Scripture.

Judaism did the same thing and missed Messiah. We do well if we hold to Scripture and use the talk of Ages to help understand parts of scriptures and how God might use it, but use Scripture to define Scripture.

If God doesn't call it the Age of Law or the Age of Grace, He may have a reason. It is less embarrassing when we use Scripture to define Scripture then add words that don't appear there.

Michael James Stone
Jesus Said,

The Key issue to your own life or your own death is in two words you just read.

Jesus Said,

It doesn't really matter what you think you heard, what you sat in a church and were told, or even how smart you are about the Bible.
What Jesus said,
Will either condemn you or commend you. The choice is all up to you.

Messianic IS Christian

Messianic Jew Wins 'Kosher' Court Battle ~ Bible Prophecy Today

Messianic Jew Wins 'Kosher' Court Battle ~ Bible Prophecy Today

The Messianic Jew is a paradox. He/She is often worshiped by gentiles, hated by Jews, laughed at by Bible Scholars and inside Messianic Circles as Messy about theology as the name implies and yet.....God is with us.

There is a missed opportunity to truly see all the Messianic could be, because the trappings of religious appeal, often carries the seeds of it's own demise. The Joy of Jewish Expression became lost in the rebellion of those who were anti-church and somewhere in between the Messianic, Jew or Gentile, sruggels to survive.

Jesus from a Catholic version of a Blond Haired blue eyed Saviour, to a Orthodoxical concoction of Tallis and Law spouting heretic, the blending of New Wine in Old Wine skins burst the unity the early days of Messianic once enjoyed as Jews for Jesus, Chosen People, Lamb, Hebrew Roots, Zola Levitt, gave birth to a movement that in the grand scheme of things, are at best, a fringe grouping.

As a Jew, albiet a Messainic Jew, I was never ashemed to be a Jesus Freak nor a Jesus Gypsy for such as God made me, I am. I could no more deny my heritage than I could my birth in the Jesus Movement knowing God and elevating Him. I would that All Yisrael be saved, but in the World we going day.....

I will be satisfied when no jew, nor gentile is there but we are all all sons and daughters of God Almighty who is not Jewish or Christian but is the Maker of us all.

Till that day, I pray we sojourn more than we remain rooted in any tradition seperates any of us from each other or from the Love of God that is in Y'shua ha meshiach, Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Michael James Stone
Eben Abram


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