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When I started Commenting on a Prophecy Blog here:

Bible Prophecy Today, I began to realize another generation had come that had a wide variety of exposure to various sources of Biblical Material and scholars but seemed to miss one important ingredient in the Prophetic picture: Jesus.

I found often I was describing my personal relationship with God, while others talked about many important and relevant issues to what is called eschatology, but not about Jesus.

I wanted to know more, and to hear more, even be surprised by the personal and real Son of God as He related to each person who studied revelation or Latter Days.

Instead I got signs and wonders and not the substance. Everything was point to how things were shaping up or looking like, but few were about Jesus.

The Spirit of Prophecy is about revealing Jesus. He is the Word of God, but he is also the one we will meet face to face. I want to tell about His Story in his Words and How He reveals to me and you Who he is and What he wants us to know.

I realized quickly I needed a Blog dedicated to revealing Jesus IN prophecy.......... and thru Prophecy how he reveals himself in us. I thought there were instant experts in the End of the World born everyday if they simply use the Internet, but of those I read, I saw few talk about the most intimate, personal, and real being I know. God. For the Time is at Hand my start slow, but in it I see an opportunity to let people know, there is one thing we look forward to and that is not Eternal Life or Salvation.

What we look forward to is Jesus. If we are not, we have no business calling ourselves Christian.

This Prophecy site is all about..............Jesus Coming ........Again.


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