My Wife.......

A new writing project has come up and it shows a lot about the strength of character my wife is.

We are compiling and not really editing at all the Emails she and I sent to each other before we actually met.

I am excited by it because as a poet I did write her "pieces" that I would probably never have published and re-reading them I am inspired to be that man I see who wrote them.

Our journey together is quite inspiring from an outsiders point of view and had we ourselves not been inspired, we might never have met, married and no proffer the "emails" that led her to me.

Written or should I say compiled? This collection has added insights that are tragic as well as wonderful in a way that all romance should be and life ought to be. I think now upon it all and I am glad for the pain, the sunshine and rain, the times we stepped on each others hearts, but in the end that fact we learned how to dance.....together.

If you click on the picture you can read the Introduction.

Michael James Stone


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