The Time is at Hand..., the first part.

"Blessed are you that Read,
Blessed are you who Hear the
words of this prophecy......,

And Keep those things that are
written therein....,
For the Time is at Hand.

I'll be the first to admit that I probably was as much influenced by those around me almost as much as I was convinced by studying the Bible about my perspective initally about Revelation and the prophecy we call the Unveiling of Jesus as Messiah or Revelation of Jesus Christ.

I was highly influenced by tapes and books before ever really reading it. Chuck Missler's Early Tapes and studies at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa I attended, Pastor Chuck Smith on Sunday Nights and with all of us in Southern California singing and looking up telling everyone Jesus is Coming!

Our impact was awesome of the generation I am a part of, the Jesus Movement. As many went on to mega ministries and some ministries went on to focus on other things, I never quit singing this song I still sing:

"When will thou save the people?
O God of Mercy when?
The people lord the people...
Not thrones and crowns but men....."

In 1974 when I initially got saved at a Jesus Concert with Greg Laurie in Riverside, my circumstances were lean, so I would tell God I needed the least amount of cost for the best return on my faith and if I can't afford to be a Chrisitan like eveyone else with all the tools, He was going to have to teach me, so I don't wast time.

I was a passionate little freak and though the word Jesus Freak is out of style, I am still a Passionate person with God. The world bored me and I wanted to be Enoch and go home to see Jesus NOW. Which was back in 1974.

"Flowers of thy Heart
O God are they.
Let them not pass like weeds away...
Their heritage, a sunless day....."

God Save the People

Growing up with all the Big Hitters of the Jesus Movement around and having access to so much wisdom it was intimidating to me as I well respected and thought of all these Men of God as Sages and could not be wrong. Oh they were Men and oft argued liker Walter Martin with Chuck Smith or J Vernon McGee being laughed at for colloquialisms, even TBNs PTL's you name it I got a chance to see the early stages of thes latter day ministries grow up. God was saving his people not even the Ocean at Pirates Cove was big enough top baptize all who were coming...,

We all knew Jesus was coming...., We all said Jesus was coming..., only some of us lived like He was coming.

But still.. we knew Jesus was coming...SOON!!

(The first parts of this prophecy series is called The Time is at Hand. It is an intro into the series called the Seven Letters that tell in no uncertain terms, who stays, who goes and one way you can know you are spared the great Tribulation. The Time is at Hand is also a survey of the actual dating methodologies common to the Charismatic Christian of the Jesus Movement and many Prophecy scholars who know and teach...,

The time is at hand
We are the Last Generation.


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