The Things that I have seen...,

I owe the majority of my Christian Education to Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa and Working behind the scenes at the Tape Lending Library in the early days. Though done a little oddly, I had the chance to go to studies seven days a week there as for a few years I barely survived the onslaught of Crohn's Disease, which with the help of V. A. Doctors who really didn't understand it, nearly killed me in trying to cure it.

It was a tragic time, but it also was a magnificent opportunity, for when not half dead for months in Long Beach Veterans Hospital, I was volunteering and going literally seven days a week to Church. And some days more than one study, like Sundays am and Sunday Nights.

Calvary Chapel in those days introduced me to all the Biggies.... and being available to study by Firefighters for Christ Tapes as well as the Tape Lending Library, People like:

Chuck Smith Romaine T Thornton Greg Laurie Mike MacIntosh Raul Reis
Chuck Meteer Walter Martin Chuck Missler Don McClure Don Stewart

(As I recall all the names, I will edit and put them in here, but believe me, the two years I had free to study, I went to ALOT of studies....)

I was fortunate to live in Fountain Valley with three Christian roomates who helped me mature in ways they would be surprised to find out how. They were normal. I was not. That helped me see what normal was.

UP UNTIL I got saved I used to think of myself as quite normal and not like your everyday Jesus Freak who in those days had to have come from Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, or some other Major Sin, and be "Set Free" from those to go on to a life godliness and accomplishment.

In early Bible Studies I led in homes I used to say that I didn't sin TILL I got saved..., since that time of course God has always been working on, in, and through me to accomplish His Purposes.

In a series of Blogs I will post here,
  1. The Things that I have seen,
  2. The Things that i have heard,
  3. The Things that i have done,

I hope to highlight the not normal experiences I have had that will encourage others to not be a Pew Sitter or content to be a nice normal boring christian, but in reading discover that not only am I not normal, neither are you.

God wants to do so much more in, of and through you than you ever imagined and he wants you to not only Know God, but to hear his voice...,

I know at the beginning of this, with a "teaser" like that, you have no idea what I mean... but all I write here will be the facts of truth because I was the one who did in fact experience it.

Other posts I have , and other books, writings, teachings, even videos and tapes, you may get a glimpse of who I am, in part, but here I hope to share with you who I am with Jesus.

Thank you for reading,
May you be blessed.

Michael James Stone


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