WOW What a Ride!!!

WOW  What a Ride!!!
As I have been challenged recently by the other blogs, I have recognized the need to prayerfully evaluate and consider each one in light of time and effort.
For me, the 14 hour days of posting these last 5 months have produced some awesome results....,

though I admit, it it were a "trump" or a "success" coach, they would look at me and scratch their head and say...Huh?

But the problem they have is they measure success in numbers..., and like any mega-pastor should already know of they are a mega ministry. Mega Most of the people aren't saved...., or learning. They are like Jesus said, "The Crowds seeking a sign" 

Out of thousands, you figure 120 to 70 to 12.

If you get Twelve out of a Mega Church you are doing good..., And most will argue me on that one!!

5 months in ministry Blogs now has produced massive changes in style and format as I learned the ropes of the social nightmare on the Web and the personal cost each had on me personally.


As with everything I do, I went "whole hog or nothing" and averaged 60 posts a day for quite some time, collapsing at night exhausted as I presented several venues and multiple ways to "Get Jesus out There" and wake up the Body of Believers to the potential for ministry and meeting people where they are at.

Learning a lot, I saw real issues people are facing in finding facts and not fancy on the Web as well as Scripture and not scripting people for their money. WOW has Christianity really gotten into MAKING A BUCK....

Stepping back I see a need to prune.
I garden so I know the benefits are massive growth and fruit.

With volunteers I would like to expand, but for now....
Last Call is 12 devotionals
Classic Christian will restart Monday with 12 posts.
Michael James Stone will stay Topical but have a New Format and Labels to find Issues
What Do You Believe will change and add Questions and Answers section addressing and posting from Got Questions, and Grace thru Faith, with "My Perspective"
Last Generation will change and develop Full Label search and Prophecy only site.

By New Years, we hope all these will be finished.


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